WIP - Hideous Tie

I quite like it :slight_smile: It would look great as a scarf.
I can’t wait too see you in it. maybe it is a bit colourful for a tie:)

Exactly. You took the words out of my mouth. Congrats on making it hideous.

I think it has “character”:whistle:

[COLOR=Blue]you’ll [/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]never[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOrchid]need [/COLOR][COLOR=Red]another [/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]tie [/COLOR][COLOR=Blue]again![/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOrchid]that[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]one[/COLOR] [COLOR=Red]will[/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]go [/COLOR][COLOR=Yellow]with[/COLOR] [COLOR=Yellow]everything [/COLOR][COLOR=Red]you[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]own [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkOrchid]…[/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkOrchid]all [/COLOR][COLOR=Red]at[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue]the[/COLOR] [COLOR=Lime]same[/COLOR] [COLOR=Yellow]time[/COLOR].

[COLOR=Red]your[/COLOR] [COLOR=Purple]a [/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]sick[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Yellow]sick [/COLOR]man [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed]mason.[/COLOR]



[COLOR=Red]your[/COLOR] [COLOR=Purple]a [/COLOR][COLOR=Lime]sick[/COLOR] [COLOR=Blue][COLOR=Yellow]sick [/COLOR]man [/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed]mason.

I’ve never denied it. :mrgreen:

:rofl: that is great!! We need a shot of you wearing it when it’s finished :yay:

That will make you stand out in a crowd! People won’t forget you.

LOL - can’t wait to see the finished results! Wow. I think my eyes would ache after working with that yarn!

Well if you absolutely must wear a tie, why not a colorful one!!!:clink: I like it.