WIP - Help needed! Lavold pattern

Ack!!! I think I’m deformed!!! :shock: My head is either WAY small or this pattern is WAY huge!

I need help! The pattern is for a hat/cap.
I am doing the top/crown of the cap - reverse stockinette. After knitting for 3 inches, I begin to decrease. 96 stitches into 8 groups of 12 - decrease at the start and end of each group. Do this every 5th row. (8 groups of 12 down to 8 groups of 10, etc…) My problem is, when I do this… I create something that looks more like a chef’s hat!!! It’s HUGE!!! I need suggestions?

Now Ingrid, I DO trust the pattern! Honest! :frowning: It’s too big! I think that my dh could wear this! I was going to surprise people by doing a cap from the “Viking” book but… it’s just not working. It’s the one on the cover, pattern on page 40. If you can help me, I will be forever in your debt! :notworthy:

If anyone can help me… I will be forever in their debt! This is the cutest cap but… something is seriously wrong! My idea was to frog back down and do decreases every 3rd row rather than 5th. This would cut the crown down by about half. What do you think? It’s not actually that hard to knit but it is time consuming and frustrating to make something so cute but SO big! I am going to wait for advice before doing anything so…

Any and all ideas welcome!!! :pray:

Thanks in advance! Angela

When I look at the hat, and your description, I can imagine walking over to the woman with the high cheekboneswho’s sitting pensively on the rocks and pinching the top of her hat and pulling it up. I imaging that it would look much like a chef’s hat. There’s a lot of scrunched fabric around the widest point and I imagine it must look even bigger without the scrunching.

You could decrease it more to give it less fabric on the top–it would change the look, but it’s hard to say if it would be for the best. :thinking: I’ve typed and retyped this, and the more I look at the pattern, I wonder if you decrease as much as you say if the hat will have enough fabric to flatten out the top or if it will look more like a mushroom. Maybe the extra fabric allows it to flatten out more. :??

Oh, thank Heavens you’re there! Ingrid, you’re a lifesaver! :notworthy: :notworthy:

OK, do you remember the “Muppet Show”? You know, Kermit and Piggy and the gang? Remember the Sweedish Chef? Yeah, that’s the look that I’m getting!!! Even squashing the thing down, it still looks majorly big! So big, in fact, that it falls down over my eyes so that it will spread the top. It’s quite sad. :crying:

I do have a small head - my 12 yr-old daughter and I can share caps and hats and I have very short hair! Maybe I am going to have take out a bit of fabric on the top. There is just too much of it!

I will keep you posted on the results as they come along. I might take a photo of me in it - as is… :oops: maybe?

Thanks a million! Ang

I had to laugh at your image! By all means reduce it. We Swedes have big heads, anyway!! :roflhard:

So my 5yo DD gets it from the Swedes on her father’s side? She was wearing women’s size hats when she was one. :shock:

So my 5yo DD gets it from the Swedes on her father’s side? She was wearing women’s size hats when she was one. :shock:[/quote]

When my very normal son was a baby, the doctor even was concerned about his head size. And I’m only half Swedish–makes him 1/4. All those brains, I guess! :roflhard:

well, I just knit a hat for a colleague’s 4 year old son, who has a 21 inch head. Imagine my surprise when my OWN head measured 22 inches! I think kids just have big heads!

sorry about the chef hat syndrome. guess you better pracrice saying “[size=6]herndie shmergie figgie herndie BORK BORK BORK[/size]” :slight_smile:


Kid’s do have big heads. They start out with their head being 1/3 of their length, believe it or not. They get more in proportion as they grow, but some heads are just bigger than others. I’d bet that if I measured my g’sons’ heads the younger’s would be bigger around.

ingy, you’re totally ignoring the point of my post, which was, of course, the bork bork! :fingerwag:

don’t make me sing the song!

I :rofling: at your bork bork!