WIP: Hearts Baby Blanket (and MY NEW KNITTING BASKET)

This is a blanket I started about 2 years ago for my niece who was on the way at that time. I never finished it, and now niece has a little sister on the way, so I figured I’d pull it out and finish it for the new little gal. I’ll also have to find a nice pattern for a larger blanket for the first niece who never got her blanket.

Also pictured is my new knitting basket. :slight_smile: In an attempt to organize my stash and prevent everything I made from becoming completely covered in dog hair, I bought this basket from QVC to hold projects that I’m working on, as well as yarn that’s earmarked for projects I’m getting ready to start. I LOVE it! It’s a lot deeper than I thought it would be, and as such it holds a good bit of yarn. It also has a hole in the top to thread the yarn through so the yarn can stay in the basket and away from the dog hair. hehe. It’s also pretty, so I can leave it sit out in my house and maybe when people see it I can teach them how to knit. :wink:

Great basket! Love the afghan!

blanket and basket:blooby:

What a pretty blanket! Love the basket too!