WIP - Grey Palindrome Scarf

Another Palindrome Scarf. This one for a friend in VA.

lucky friend :woohoo:

Very nice work, Mason. I’m sure your friend will love it!

Very nice. You have a lot of lucky friends. :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful! what kind of yarn?

Lookin good Mason!!!

That pattern is so great, cause you can do it without thinking too much… I started one in the same yarn Silver used…so I was trucking along (no pun intended) not thinking, just guestimating when to do the cable row, I do it every 7th row, and I miscalculated and had a longer cable, I don’t think anyone will notice, do you? How do you keep track of when to cable?..

I usually like an extra row or two, for this one I preferred every 8th row instead of the 6th. But that may be me as I don’t like fiddling with the cables.

Very nice and the cables show up really well with the colour you have chosen x


It’s Bernat Softee Chunky in the Grey Ragg colorway.


I also do the cables every 7th row. I have a barrel type stitch counter hanging on the cable to keep track of the rows.

I did mess up and do one at the 8th because I forgot to advance the counter on one row. It really isn’t noticeable.

Very pretty! I like that light grey color – it shows off the cables well. You’ve really become the cable king!

OK… I HAVE one of those barrel things and have never used it… thanks for the tip… I’m gonna try it… I originally thought it was suppposed to change the number on its own…lol I have a more complicated cable scarf that has been OTN for oh… about 2 years… half done… I have been using pencil and pen to keep track… I only work on it when I am taking a plane ride… I get nervous on planes and the concentration on the pattern keeps my mind occupied so I can’t worry about the plane going down…
Yeah… one or two rows off every once in a while is no big deal to me… no one is going to “examine” the size of the cables… and hand knitted things are not supposed to be perfect… if you want perfect, a machine can do it and you can buy it at the store…
I even thought it may be an interesting scarf to vary the size of the cable all along the scarf, starting small, getting bigger, bigger bigger
then small again… oh well gotta get some chirstmas errands done…

Looks great! That grey really brings out the cables.

:happydance: it looks great…the yarn shows the cables off very nicely

That looks really good, Mason! I’d love to try this pattern…after I get all my other knitting done-HA! Maybe next year! :teehee:

Wow I sure expose my knitfancy by opening my mouth about Palindromes. Too funny! Excellent scarf though, Mason.:woohoo: Very lucky friend.