WIP: Gray (Black, actually) Rustic Celtic scarf

I made one! :eek: But I like your title. Maybe we could do something like knit blankets for homeless animals that stretched coast to coast.

I like that idea. The Snuggles Project has locations listed that collect knit blankets for the cage floors of homeless animals. Maybe we should draw a line on a US Map, and figure out which states will work for us! :hug:

I’m betting that was gorgeous! Missing or added rows shouldn’t be an issue, as you said. Post a pic if you have one?

I fixed it by merrily ripping out twelve rows. Whistled while I did it. It was looking great until close to the end of the second football game yesterday. I think I twisted a stitch two rows down, so I put it away. That’ll teach me to drink bloody marys and Japanese Slippers while I knit. [size=2]as if.[/size]

I’ll look at it again after work tonight. Here’s hoping![/quote]

Sorry I didn’t post sooner. I hope everything worked out ok…and what’s a Japanese slipper?

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

oh, WOW. That’s gorgeous! Seriously, it is. It’s like a snowbank in that color. Mine is going to my DB’s (that is dear beau/boyfriend, isn’t it?) son, aka my un-stepson, who lives in Denver. The kid needs one.

Japanese Slipper recipe, one part each Midori, Cointreau, lime juice. I add a cherry for aesthetic and tasty purposes.

I think you could use DB, and no one would kick you out. :teehee:

I’ve seen others say SO (significant other), which is an open-ended “everythings covered” abbreviation.