WIP: Gray (Black, actually) Rustic Celtic scarf

from this book.

I put it down one year ago because I was making it for a friend with whom I had a falling out and because I found a miscrossed cable. I found this website that shows how to fix it without frogging ten rows. :shock:

But I’m leery… I’m more of any unknitter than I am a frogger anyway. If no one has any advice by tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be on the sofa watching the NFL playoffs while I unknit and try again. I wouldn’t wear it myself with that spot, let alone give it to someone else.

back view of the mistake

front view of the most obvious ick-what-have-i-done

Ya know I don’t think it looks too bad :shrug: but I wouldn’t frog the whole thing either, I would use that website to fix the booboo.

I think it looks great so far - lovely pattern!

I hope you can get it fixed some how! You might want to put a life line in when you do get it fixed so frogging won’t be as painful if you have to rip back again!!!

I think it looks fine–actually it looks great–I certainly wouldn’t frog back!

Wow, that is beautiful! :cheering:

Thanks, y’all! :slight_smile:

I can’t stand it. Gonna rip out those 10 rows about 10 minutes from now, right after I type up the line-by-line instructions so that I don’t lose my place again within the “repeat from” ones in the book.

We are DEFINITELY sisters.

Is that freaky or WHAT?! :noway:

Mo-ooooohm. She’s always copying me. :gah:

channeling mom

Ginger. She’s your little sister. Be nice.
/channeling mom


Whatcha gonna make?

edit: in other news, the do-over went very well. I’m up to row 72. I watched both NFL games and The Brothers Grimm while I fiddled around with it.

I have always tried to copy you, haven’t I? Remember when I used to try to be “one of the girls” when you had pajama parties? I thought you were all SO COOL!

I’m having such a hard time choosing a project out of that book. The designs are all so BEAUTIFUL! (I have another Jane Davis book that I love too - Beautiful Embroidered and Embellished Knits.)

My favorite designs are:
Fanned Rib Scarf p. 58
Classic Cable Scarf p. 64
Aran Style Scarf p. 66
Lacy Leaves Shawl p. 76
Winter Mountains Scarf p. 78
Flower Embroidered Scarf p. 90
Tapered Ruffles Scarf p. 122

My little sister turned me on to this website low those many months ago. But she is off at college now and too busy for her old big sis. :pout:

I am embarrassed to say that I couldn’t see the mistake? :shrug: I have a bad eye for these things in photos.

Who are you? :lol: I like everything but those. ok, I like the tapered ruffles. The Golden Dropped-Stitch on pg 42 has my name all over it. And the Lavish Wrap on pg 50.

See the third pic? Looks like a horizontal scar. It’s officially gone now.

Who are you? :lol: I like everything but those. ok, I like the tapered ruffles. The Golden Dropped-Stitch on pg 42 has my name all over it. And the Lavish Wrap on pg 50.[/quote]
Blech! :ick:
I guess that you and I should NEVER knit for each other! :teehee:

I’m a tink too, I just hate trying to get the needle back in the stitches after frogging. I’d love to know how you fixed your little problem.

It’s a wonderful pattern. I made that for my DB for Christmas in Paton’s Classic Merino Aran (off white). The only problem I had was that I twice lost track of the rows so one pane is a little short and the other is a little long but unless you’re really looking you can’t really tell.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I’m betting that was gorgeous! Missing or added rows shouldn’t be an issue, as you said. Post a pic if you have one?

I fixed it by merrily ripping out twelve rows. Whistled while I did it. It was looking great until close to the end of the second football game yesterday. I think I twisted a stitch two rows down, so I put it away. That’ll teach me to drink bloody marys and Japanese Slippers while I knit. [size=2]as if.[/size]

I’ll look at it again after work tonight. Here’s hoping!

I like frogging too. No problem at all. It’s fun! :teehee:

To make things easier when I’m putting the stitches back on the needle, I use a needle SEVERAL times smaller, so it’s easy to do. Then, when I knit the next row, it’s easy to tell which stitches are twisted, so I fix them as I go. No problemo! :thumbsup:


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Yay!!! :muah: I love your new avatar too! Is that your pup?

No, The Mo has designer ears. This is just a cute yawning puppy that I found long ago online.

You’re right. He IS cute! :heart:
(I wish I wasn’t allergic to animals)

Sis, why don’t you make a blog in the “Blog Threads” section? I’m sure you’d enjoy it. If you don’t want to make one, you can just post stuff in mine. There are a couple others who share a blog. We already have the right title. “Shandeh and the Interloper” :teehee:

If you want, I could change it to “Shandeh and Zip are knitting coast to coast”