WIP: Grandma's Afghan

Here’s a baby blanket I’m working on. I love this pattern, so much easier than the results look! I found the pattern on Knitting Pattern Central, of course. I’m making it in TLC Baby as a gift for a family friend. Hopefully, if I can get some serious knit time in the next couple of weeks I can get it finished.

That is gorgeous!!:inlove:

Sooo delicate! Love the ‘purity’ of the white.


I :heart: it! Beautiful work!



Beautiful job. I used the same pattern with Kramer Summit Hill. Apparently I did not do a good job of fastening one ball of yarn, because after I washed it I had a hole in it the size of my fist. After I came to, I realized I had to rip out 18" and rework it. So the moral is, tie in your ends good and tight.

Such a beautiful blanket!

That’s lovely! What a lucky baby!

Mimi: That stinks! I always tend to overly secure my yarn joins. I was thinking about straight up tieing this one in and weaving each end in from there. It’s going to Ireland so I want to be sure it holds up.

I think it’s beautiful! Gentle and sophisticated!

It is just gorgeous!

Kbagel, do you have the link to the pattern or the name on knittingpatterncentral.com?

Very pretty!!:happydance:

Thalia, here is the link for the pattern http://www.kraemeryarns.com/patterns/pdfs/lotsoflove.pdf. Like I said before, this pattern is super easy. Iv’e been thinking it would be pretty to adapt for a lacy scarf.