WIP: Garter stitch blanket

I bought an enormous skein (?) of Phentex worsted acrylic yarn 867 yards awhile back and since I got my Options I decided to try to knit a garter stitch throw on size 11 needles and the “long” cable in the pack with this yarn. Casted on tons of sts (nearly to both ends.)


An entire blanket in garter stitch? :zombie: Well, have fun! :lol:

LOL that was my thought too :o)

It can be your “brainless” project. I always like to have one of them going for times when I want to be sociable or just too tired to think. :slight_smile:

I started a garter stitch log cabin blanket about a week ago for my “mindless” knitting times. I got the pattern from the Mason Dixon knitting book but you can also do a search on log cabin knitting and find patterns. Mine is victorian rose, sage green, and chocolate brown in Caron Simply Soft. I’ve done about 23" square so far. Picking up stitches has never been my favorite thing but I’m getting plenty of practice.:knitting:

Frogged it, downsized needles US8, gonna knit it for different yarns/ different colours etc. :smiley:

Can’t wait to see the photos! Good for you! A garter st blanket is so deliciously cushy!

Will take photos when I can, first day for summer term/semester today (so stressful!)

I’m using whatever colours from my stash (the cheap acrylic yarn etc, not the wool/silk etc) that strike my fancy, including clashing colours. :smiley:

I like the colors you’ve got so far! Should be pretty!

i wish i had more time to knit…i’d love to make a nice big cushy blanket like this…i’ll just wait till I get a set of options with a nice big cable

Purchased fire engine red and turquoise colour acyrlics (Bernat softee chunky) for cheap at Zellers today, I have way too many acrylics in shades of blue, eh?

I used to make granny squares like that…clashing and all. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how it turns out. Some “clashing” colors look nice together, depending what other clashing colors are around them. :wink: