Wip fun

The hat is 2 colors of green, or more accurately 2 different dye lots of the same color green.

My Comphort shawl is just me picking at my stash because it’s gotten to big to sit next to my desk. :smiley:

The hat is actually finished now however I have to get Steve to let my take a picture.

They’re really lookin’ good!

i love the color u used for the hat!! cant wait to see the pic of it…

and also your Comphort shawl!!

Beautiful colors! I love the mix of colors in the shawl. Please post pics of the FOs when you’re done.

Beautiful colors… I can’t wait to see the finished hat :happydance:

Great mox of colours

Love that shawl-it will be gorgeous full size! Great job!

BTW: I :heart: your tablecloth as well! Makes me want to have a picnic!

Those are going to be pretty!

I really like the hat colors.

Wow, those are the same color? No wonder we should buy all our yarn from the same dye lot. :slight_smile: I like the way it is turning out though. Very guy. And your shawl looks like fun.