Wip & fo

Here are my clogs with painted on rug backing on the bottom.
I like it ,works really good.You can add craft paint to it to change the color.I was going for black but after it dried it looks gray.
Here are the sleeves from I sweater I did on the Sweater Wizard.It’s a V neck pull over with one cable down the front and sleeves.Have the back and front left to do.It’s knit with yarn called Marble.
The Shrug needs the ribbing around it yet and then I can sew it together.This is made with Patons Classic
The Booga Bags are X-mas gifts,just need to felt and line. These are made from Noro.
I need to get these done so I can work on more X-mas gifts.

You’ve been busy!

Love the fun fur type clogs! The shrug looks great!



Wow! You’ve been busy! Everything looks wonderful! :slight_smile:

Love 'em

I love those. Where do you get painted on rug backing? That sounds like a good idea.

I ordered it on line at the Knitting-Warehouse

Didn’t think I had seen it anywhere before but then I hadn’t even thought of it for the clogs.

I’m glad to hear the rug backing is working!:cheering:

Wow…love those furry edged clogs!! Everything looks great!

It all looks awesome! What a good idea with the rug backing. My favorite is the green booga bag, it’s a pretty color. :heart:

Wow, you’ve been so busy! Great work, all of it!! I think the felted clogs with the fur cuff are freaking adorable. I bet they are soft and snuggly too :slight_smile: I can’t wait to see pics of all the bags felted!

I actually got the idea from Jan in CA a long time ago.

You’ve been knitting a lot lately. My favorite is/are (?) the clogs. I haven’t seen any done this way. They look very Eskimo. Love the color and the stuff you put on the bottom so you wouldn’t slip.

Wow, you’ve really been busy! All are very pretty. Those clogs are AWESOME! What pattern and yarn did you use? I need to make a pair for my sister for christmas, and I want them to look just like that!

Everything looks wonderful!! I love the clogs though… I still need to make mine…Great Job!! :thumbsup:

Very cool! Love the slippers, where can I get the pattern? I want to knit a pair for my mother, she’d love them.

GOOD JOB ON EVERYTHING! :stuck_out_tongue:


Whoa! :inlove: You’ve been busy! Great job. I especially love the fur trimmed clogs–neat. :thumbsup:

BTW: I got a giggle with your comparsion pix–my dad could actually wear the “before” clogs before felting:teehee: Yep, his feet are that BIG. :shock:

wow, so many projects! The clogs are super cute! And we want to see these sweaters when they’re done :poke:

Everything looks great. Love the clogs and choice of colors.

The clog pattern is from Fiber Trends,but most LYS sell them.The yarn I got off of e-bay from Yarn Treehouse the color is Dasiy.The trim is just Fun Fur in browns.Thanks everyone for the nice complements :hug:

Everything looks fantastic! I especial love the clogs; awesome.