Wip & fo

I finaly finished my hooded sweat shirt I still have to find 3 buttons I like for it. Closed up last seam on blue and black sweater.I made a camera case today , it’s felting now :woohoo: A light green shrug In the works.Please excuse goofy pic of me my DH is wierd :shrug:

I like them all, especially the hoodie! Where is that pattern from?

Oh, I really love everything…love, love your hoodie! :cheering:

I got the hoodie out of a book I got at Sams Club called Now you’re Knitting.by Leisure Arts.Love this book payed 15$ for 35$ book it has 165 projects in it and 99 stitch patterns :woohoo: It’s even hard cover!!
Thanks all I love the hoodie too :muah:

Everything looks great and I LOVE the hoodie!!

I love that hoodie! Where did you find the pattern?

GRRRRRRRRRREAT JOB!! I love the hoodie and the colors you chose… very versatile and practical!!

Wow! You have been busy and everything looks awesome. I especially love the hoody–it looks great on you

Everything looks great! I agree with everyone… the hoodie is my fave too! Is the camera case done felting?

Nice work! They’re so pretty!

You’ve sure been busy! Great job on everything!