WIP & FO and my kitty

So I made this cover for my laptop but it looked good on my pillow so i made one for it too. I just used some Caron Simply Soft. No pattern. I just did a little swatch and figured out my sts per inch, multiplied that by the width of the pillow and cast on that many sts then knit for as long as the pillow was (in the round) then BO.

THen all this talk about mmmmmmmalabrigo made me get mine out. I have 6 skeins, one for every color of the rainbow. So I went to my LYS and had them wind my hand into a skein and started on a swatch from Liliy Chin’s advice to knit in little holes the same number as the needle size. You just do a YO k2 however many times as the needle size. Then change needle size and do a YO k2 for however many that needle size is, over and over on up as many needle sizes as you try. I’m gonna do that till I can do as many needle sizes I can get on it. Then I’ll write them down and rip it all out. I still don’t know what I’m going to make with it. I don’t care. It’s like knitting with clouds. mmmmmmmm. I just may have to switch my favorite yarn from Manos to mmmmmmmalabrigo. :doh:

Then this is a picture of my cat Vivian. I keep trying to get interesting poses of her for the SOMC website. I don’t think I have agood one fo her yet. :thinking:

Here’s another one of Vivy

Looking good :cheering: vivian is beautiful!
Yes, I can’t wait for my hank of malabrigo to arrive, sounds like it may be my new fave, too!

That kitty is beautiful! Nice work!

Love the pillowcase. That’s really cool! Beautiful Mmmmmalabrigo – what colorway is it?

Loooove!! the pillow case… it just looks dreamy…