WIP- fishnet stockings...opinions

I’m knitting the fishnet stockings from White Lies Designs http://www.whiteliesdesigns.com/patterns/llingerie/153.html

and um… yeah… it looks wrong…

it’ll stretch and not look like its for a different part of anatomy, right?

Please excuse the gutter thoughts but this is my first toe-up sock!

LOL. I’m sure it will stretch to your foot and look great. It just looks a little funny for now.

That image should be R rated. :teehee: Let’s hope it stretches. Do you have a boyfriend?

I see a toe! As long as it’s big enough that should work.

LOL. I’ve never made socks or fishnet stockings before. I hope it “changes shape” for you! I see exactly what you see.

OMG i laughed out loud! Thanks for the pattern link too… i have been thinking about knitting a pair too :slight_smile:


LOL… Okay, I saw the pix BEFORE I really read the post and my first thought was, “OMG… People will knit ANYTHING!” My second thought was, “Wait, wasn’t someone looking for something like this once as a gag gift?”. THEN I read your post.

I’m sure it will stretch… (fingers crossed) and fit your FOOT lovely.

Happy knitting.