WIP: First time Socks

This is the first time I am making socks. Also, the first time I am using dpns. It was a little awkward at first but I think I am getting the hang of it. I am making the Easy Peasy socks pattern
I watched all the videos
I am using Chroma Worsted from knitpicks I can’t think of the name of the color I am using lol

Here is my progress so far

Yes I messed up and did 2x2 ribbing instead of k1p1 so I just kept it that way lol
I was watching Amy’s video and she did 2x2 ribbing so I just had that on the brain.

These are going to be beautiful I’m sure. You’ve made an excellant start and the work on dpns looks great. It’s a lovely soft color combination too. What fun to knit with.

Thanks :slight_smile: I was so excited that I figured out how to use the dpns correctly that I came on here to show everyone. It took me longer to take the pictures and then post the links and the pictures than it did to actually make that. :roflhard:
I showed my husband but he just looked at me like I had three heads.

Doing a great job. I think 2 x 2 is better anyway. Am anxious to see the finished project. Let us know if you hit any bumps! Good luck, it took me 8 years to get up the courage to do a pair of socks. I found a pattern that was so easy it got me going and from there on it, I was hooked on socks.

You’re doing great with DPNs. Love the colors of your yarn. They’re for you? When they’re done just put them on when hubby’s around, sigh, and say how good they feel. I know what you mean about getting so exciited, I’m glad you posted with a photo. I use 2x2 rib on socks, it’s great you could just go with it and not feel the need to rip it out. :thumbsup:

I have huge feet and they say to start with a smaller foot for first socks so I am making them for my MIL. She loves those colors.

I am not that OCD anymore to rip it out and start all over to make it perfect. I am medicated now :roflhard:

Did you already tell MIL they’re for her? If not, you can just make them longer till they fit you. Assuming of course that they fit around your foot. My first socks were for my 9 1/2 shoe size feet but I did them in worsted weight and wear them like slippers. They will go in my winter boots but I only wear them in the winter when it’s really cold out and maybe snowy and last winter I didn’t wear them at all.

Love the colors!!! I haven’t gotten up the courage to try socks yet. So many projects to do and soooo little time!!! Maybe when I retire I’ll catch up on all the things I’ve been planning on making.:teehee:

No I didn’t tell her yet. My feet are huge lol I am a size 12. So I would have to follow a pattern for men’s socks.

If the circumference is OK all you need to do is make them longer by working more rounds.

I don’t know they are looking really small. I checked my gauge and I was spot on so I don’t know why they are looking so small.

I d/l and looked at the pattern. It will work out to about 6 1/2" around in stockinette. It’s not specified that I can see but I’d think the gauge would be in stockinette. I measured a pair of socks I :heart: that I worked in stockinette with fingering weight yarn and they’re about 7" in circumference. These will be really nice when you get them done and stretchy enough that even though they seem small they’ll fit your MIL. I think my worsted weight socks took about that many stitches but it’s been a while and I didn’t keep notes.

I think I’ll stick with toe-up no swatch Lifestyle socks. Those don’t look easy peasy to me. You’re much braver than I!

I tried socks 2 years ago…they were the reason I took a break from knitting for 2 years…I don’t know if it was the dpns itself, or the material of the DPNS ( I used bamboo then) or if it was just me…but using them made my hands, shoulders and arms hurt. Maybe I’ll try again this summer after I finish with these baby projects and with plastic dpns. I use plastic straights to knit right now.

But yours look really good by the way :slight_smile: Keep at it. well done.

Well As I am working on it, it is looking a bit bigger. I think just the ankle looks really small.

I can’t wait to finish them now. I just got some more yarn in the mail to make more socks :teehee:

Thanks! :slight_smile:
I knit English style and I am not having any pain. It’s when I try to knit continental that is when my fingers start to hurt.

Maybe, you should try a different style of knitting.

i knit english too. Im not having pain right now - alls good.

What a beautiful colorway of Chroma! You’ve made an excellent start, and I look forward to seeing the rest of Easy-Peasy sock #1. :thumbsup:

The only problem I am having is laddering. I tried tightening up the stitches on the start of the new needle but it’s still happening. It’s not that noticeable until you stretch out the material. It’s my first pair so I am not going to fret over it :slight_smile:

You’ve discovered a design feature! I have a pair that has laddering and I decided that it’s a design feature. It really doesn’t look bad, it’s just not what I’d originally intended.

:teehee: Well it’s on the bottom of the foot so I am not too worried.