Wip First time doing cables

I haven’t posted anything in so long that I thought I should share my first cabling attempt :knitting:… It is just a scarf… made on size 5 needles and caron yarn… I thought that cables were going to be hard but it seems pretty easy… um so far atleast… Thanks for looking…

:cheering:wow! good job.

:shock: First cables?! That’s great!

Very nice - can’t believe it’s your first cabling project!

Yeah, cables are that you’ve got to be joking me :rollseyes: group of stitches in a knitters repertoire. When you see them you believe they are going to be extremely difficult to do, but actually when you work them most are pretty simple. It is just a matter of patience working large patterns with them. :grin: You look to be making a nice headway with the scarf, good luck.

Great job! :cheering: Cables are fun to knit.

Great job! I thought the same thing about cables. I thought they’d be so hard and they’re anything but.

Great job! I have yet to try cables…nice to know they aren’t as intimidating as they seem :slight_smile:

My first cabling was a scarf too. The cables were easy enough, I just had to keep frogging because I lost track of where I was in the pattern:pout:

Those look great! Aren’t they fun?!

Good job!

Are you sure you’ve never cabled before? It looks great!