WIP First Sock Complete

This is my first attempt at an adult sized sock. :woohoo: The pattern is the ‘Lacy Mock Cable Sock’ from Island of Misfit Patterns site.
The yarn used was Patons Kroy sock yarn in Winter Eclipse and needles were size 3 and made of metal. I found the metal needles much harder on my hands than bamboo and from now on only plan on using bamboo needles for sockwork.
Now I just have to get around to knitting the twin (I have already started knitting up some fabulous Fleece Artist sock wool into another pair of socks, oh my!:x: )

OOOh! Very pretty! Great job! I always cast on the 2nd sock as soon as I finish the first so I end up with a pair and not just 1!

It’s so pretty, love the color!

I :heart: it! Thanks for sharing … I just began my first ever pair of socks and this inspires me :slight_smile:

WOW! That is one pretty sock! Just beautiful, and your first one! Great work. :thumbsup:

Looks great…that sock needs a twin… :yay:

that’s sooo pretty! i love the way the pattern shows off the yarn.

:blooby: It looks wonderful! Great job :thumbsup:

Beautiful - welcome to the addiction.

Oh, that’s beautiful! I love those colors.

It turned out wonderful! Love that stitch pattern AND the color!

Looks great. Love the pattern and color.

Pretty yarn!!! Goes well with the pattern too!

Beautiful job on the sock!

WOW thanks everyone for your kind words! I would never have started knitting if it wasn’t for this site :aww:

I’m thinking on trying that one of these days! Good work. http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/images/smilies/cheering.gif I guess till the twin is forthcoming, you could sit on the other foot to keep it warm? LOL


Those are beautiful.

Very pretty! My sock has a heel and a little bit of a foot! Would have more foot, but I had to take my Christmas tree down!

That is stunning! love love love the colors and the pattern! Beautiful!