WIP--First Pair of Socks!

I just bought my first set of DPNs yesterday and started on my first ever sock! I’m using the “Basic Sock” pattern from Learn to Knit Socks by Edie Eckman. I’m having a lot of fun, though I still need to get the hang of it more. I think I’m doing pretty well so far (getting ready to do the gusset) and I figured I’d share my progress with you all!

Right Side

Wrong Side

Right where my thumb is is the only mistake that I have made thus far. I dropped a stitch and didn’t notice it for several rounds, and it looks a bit “off” because it was also the first time I had to rescue a dropped stitch.

I’ll keep you informed of my further progress. :happydance:

Those are going to be pretty!

Great job so far. They’ll get easier as you make more, but you’ve done a great job so far and it’s your first sock! Just wait, you’ll be hooked! What yarn are you using? I love the colors. Look forward to seeing more of your progress. :cheering:

Thanks guys! The yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes and the colour is “Bright Spring Pattern”. I think I’m already starting to get hooked, though I wonder how long it will be until I no longer fear that my DPNs are trying to give me a lobotomy…

Very nice!

:rofl: They are different. You’re doing well!

They take a little getting used to, but the more you work with them the easier it will become. I started using them last year and now I love using them. You’ll get the hang of them! :teehee:

BEAUTIFUL! I really like the colors.

I’m really getting attached to knitting on DPNs. It makes me feel like I know what I’m doing. I read some web page that compared using DPNs to holing a spider by one leg–seemed appropriate.

Ugh! :shock: That’s not an image I’d like to think about, since I strongly dislike, even am afraid of the little buggers! :oops:

Looking great so far! :thumbsup:

I made my first pair of socks out of that same yarn!!! I love them they are so comfortable. Good Luck finishing them!