WIP:First lacy pattern

I was more than ready to start a more complicated pattern so chose this one from Ella Rae called Lacey Cardigan. It’s in her pattern book #119 called Pansies. I’m using her cotton yarn with size 5 needles to get gauge and will make it about 4-5 inches longer as the sweater just hits the waist.
It’s finally going well after 4-5 froggings for wrong stitches or forgetting to do a yarn over where needed.

you know, if you forget to do a yo, you can do a make one from between the stitch below, and it is the same

Very pretty! Don’t forget to insert a life line (if you haven’t already) so you don’t have to start over at the beginning if you mess up.

Can’t wait to see this finished; the lace pattern is gorgeous!

How pretty. Yeah, a missed yo can become an afterthought yo. Amy shows it in her video about fixing mistakes I think. I guess doing one would depend on how many rows back and how complicated putting the other stitches right again would be. Have fun with this.

That’s going to be lovely! Very pretty colors and the lace is appropriately delicate. Have fun with this one.

It is a lovely pattern and you are doing a great job!

Very nice looking!!!

Nicely done…very consistent. Keep-up the good work…Looking forward to seeing the finished project!:woot:

Very nice, looks like a great pattern. I have a simple lace and a simple cable on my list to accomplish this year! Let’s see if I can do it, lol!