WIP: First free-sole socks

Well you [B]are[/B] quite the knitting guru, that’s for shore! From liberating yarns from a thrift shop, to dying the yarn with food coloring…to knitting backwards! Not to mention, the pesky technique of fair isle knitting! Any one of those is quite something else!

I love the idea of being able to undo the soles when they are worn out. Very useful, and innovative1

Thanks for your kind words. I guess I love the challenge of learning new things, so I’m always experimenting with my knitting. The free-sole technique was invented by Anna Zilboorg; she’s really amazing, inspiring, and all good things. :muah:

I’m not done with the socks, but I’ve finished the heels, so I thought I’d post again. I ended up simply doing increases on the side holding the heel stitches so I’d have enough to create a decent STH. I did the plain rows between wedges, but instead of going around the ankle, I did them only on the heel and attached them to the selvedge sts of the band. This is far from perfect—e.g., I have to learn how to tighten up those side joining pickups so there aren’t any holes—but I think it’s not bad for a first crack at it.

Thanks for posting update pictures. Your socks are looking great! I take it you’re working them two at a time, yes?

Those are great! They’re really coming along nicely.

Yes, two at a time. To take the photo, I had to slip one sock on to a spare needle, because on one needle they were too close together to maneuver my feet into them. Even with the stockinette sole and heel, the stranded instep and cuff make it difficult to get the sock over my heel, because it doesn’t stretch much. I’m going to have to read up on Fair Isle socks and see if there’s a fix for that. I’ve noticed that some Fair Isle socks have the Fair Isle only on the upper cuff, so maybe that’s a known issue.

I’ve seen self-striping yarn that can sort of mimic Fair Isle, I’ve thought about trying it. The little I’ve done Fair Isle style didn’t have as much stretch so I thought I’d try it and save FI for other things. If you find out there’s a way to do it stretchier, please let us know!

Fake fair isle socks…my first pair.
Make with Schoeller and Stahl Fortisima Colori Socka Color in blue.

Yes, self-patterning does create fabric that looks something like Fair Isle. I dye most of my own yarn, so if I want Fair Isle, I pretty much have to do the real thing, at least if I want a specific Fair Isle design. I suppose one way to get some extra stretch would be to work some ribbing into or around the Fair Isle.

:woot: Three weeks to make these, and they’re a bit hard to get over the heel (because of the stranded color work), but they feel great once they’re on. I’ll definitely knit free-sole socks again.