WIP: First ever "lace" project. UPDATED -- ALMOST FO!

Hi Everybody–

My cousin and his wife are expecting a baby girl late in October. So I decided to expand my knitting horizons by knitting something lacy – where I intentionally put “holes” in my knitting. The pattern is called “Lacy Bonnet” from a book called “knitting for two.” I really like the pattern, and the knitting part isn’t hard. But

I am a bit worried about how this will come together, because I’m not seeing it. But then again, picturing things in my head is not my strong suit. :teehee: I’ll just have to keep repeating Ingrid’s words of wisdom “Trust the pattern”

Thanks for looking!


Great job so far!!! I’ve never tried a lace project. It does look fun though! And I’m still learning to “trust the pattern” too.

It looks good so far. I have yet to complete a lace project, that’s next on my list.

Very pretty!

It’s looking very pretty!

Very nice. It looks like a pretty little lace stitch you have going. Yes, if it’s a good pattern it should all work out.

I need to finish seaming this thing and then pick up and knit 3 rows along the bottom. Then it’s done! :woot:

I could use some input. The pattern uses these big dumb looking ribbons (not that I have an opinion) as ties to secure the bonnet to the baby’s head. I don’t want to do that. Any suggestions? I was thinking of a thin i-cord. And then, where to attach it. Thanks for looking.


sweet sweet!!.. you are an inspiration

Your bonnet is looking very nice. :cheering: An i-cord would work. Another thing they use is a crochet chain, but I don’t like those as well. You can also make a twisted cord tie which works very well. I always get my husband to make these for me, so I’m not much help in explaining these. Maybe you can find a site somewhere that teaches how to do these.

Does the pattern make it real clear where to attach the ribbon ties? You would probably put any substitute in the same location. If it doesn’t say, I think you want them at the front, bottom face corners. You might sew them just a little ways in on the non public side of the spot you choose. Also to help you feel certain about placement of the ties you could put the bonnet on a bowl or a balloon or a doll or teddy bear or something and get a feel for where it will need to tie that way.

Ribbons would look cute, but a thin i-cord might be even better for a baby as they can be pushed away from the mouth easier. :wink: It’s gorgeous!