WIP ... First circular needles, scary!

Hi folks!

Im new to knitting (came from mainly wet and some dry, felting) and was recently intrigued by circular needles. I assume they are for such things as … err … socks? Perhaps? Of course, I now cannot think of anything they are actualy used for xD

Anywho! I got all gung-ho and bought a pair of wood 4.5mm (No.7?) 60cm circular needle, got out some awfull ‘practice acrylic’ wool and cast on. Now, ive probably cast on too many stitches … or, not enough. They seem to go all way around the needles, so thats good enough for me for now xD Ive knitted about 6 or 7 or … something rows around, and im just wondering what to do from here :smiley: I seem to be knitting some kind of tubular … thing. Perhaps a middle-of-a-cat warmer?

Does anyone out there have any ideas of what I could do with this? Im not looking for anything hard … or even anything intermediate lol, I only know how to knit, and seem to keep putting off learning to purl. So any random ideas, please let me know!

Its “bad” wool, so it dosnt really matter what happens to it, and this is mainly just to get a feel for a circular needle … because I think they are spiffy, and one day, far far in the future, I would like to actualy make something ‘real’ and useful with them xD

I really should go and learn to purl now … or … when I get the courage :smiley:


I know that when I started with circulars, I did the same thing, ended up with endless stitches somehow. Once you get the hang of them, they are terrific and the great thing is knitting just knit stitches on circs makes stockinette stitch!!!

You didn’t say, but if you have trouble with the stitches twisting, here are a couple suggestions. I would take it all out, then cast on the number of stitches you want to do on the same size straight needles. Knit 3-4 rows of stockinette (k1 row, p1 row) oh and btw, purling is a snap too just watch Amy’s video, then put the stitches on a circ needle and start knitting. You can stitch up the space later and this way you don’t twist your stitches, which is one of the things most beginners do, I sure did a couple times.

If you want to make something and aren’t ready for a pattern yet, just keep knitting your “tube” until you have a nice long length and it will make a nice double thick scarf. When you bind off, just sew the ends closed.

You can do this, I know you can! I have hurdled over lots of things in the last year and have many many more to hurdle so I know you can do this!!!:cheering::cheering:

You could also make a tube sock. No gussets or heels to turn.

Circs are also great for larger projects, such as blankets, afghans or even sweaters, because they give you more room for the stitches. In this case you don’t have to knit in the round, but keep knitting as if you were using straight needles. If you can’t purl yet, i’d suggest a baby blanket in garter stitch (knitting every row). Good luck!

Or arm warmers or leg warmers – just a basic tube, really. Or if you make a big enough tube, you can make a tube top with a little ribbon for straps. I started using circulars very recently and hated them at first, but now I use them for almost everything. It helps to have a good quality pair that lets the stitches slide easily and has a nice relaxed cable. You can do it!!

Circulars are used a lot of times for making seamless sweaters. It’s good to just practice with them like you are to get used to handling them, even if you’re not making anything.

I use circulars to avoid seaming at all costs :smiley:

Seriously though, once I got my amazing set of circulars (the KnitPicks Options set) I rarely, rarely use straight needles - I just prefer to use my circulars and work my knitting without joining in the round. I would suggest a double thick scarf as a first circular project, but a hat is also great and you learn to decrease. You’ll have to also learn Magic Loop or dpns, but it’s a small project and you would learn even more useful, new techniques :smiley:

I love the idea of a tube top! Soooooooo, how would I figure how many sts to CO so it would fit me?

Measure how many stitches to the inch you’re getting in the sample you’re practicing on. Then figure how many inches around you need and multiply by the stitches per inch.

Woo! Thank you so much for all the help folks, I seem to be making some kind of funky hat thing now xD I have figured out how to decrease and well, yea, ‘some kind of hat thing’ is emerging :smiley: I will post a photo when its finished, thanks again!

if it is wool cast off, sew bottom together & felt a bag!!

Can’t remember what my first project was on circs, but ever since, I haven’t gone back to knitting with straights. On occasion I’ll use my 10 inch straights for scarves.

Hey, and depending on what size of circs you used and how many stitches you cast on, you have a belt! :teehee: