WIP: Feather and Fan short scarf

I’m taking a break from ‘baby this and that’ now that all 5 of the tiny ones have a hand knit blanket and a hat or two.

I saw this pattern for the Feather and Fan Short Scarf on Ravelry a while back and thought it was something I’d like to try:

It’s a real adjustment moving from the big ole’ chunky Bernat yarn and big needles to the Paton superfine and much smaller needles! I fumbled around with the small ones, dropping them into my lap several times until my fingers got used to the change in size. Its quite a difference in #13’s down to #8, at least as far as my hands were concerned! I also set the Addis aside and went to bamboo for the additional grippy-ness I needed.

After selecting my colorway (Paton 55266 Green Striped Rag) and getting started on this, I’m wishing just a bit that I’d chosen something more bold, maybe in jewel-tones. Of course nothing says I couldn’t find some other yarn I fall in love with in the future :inlove: and make another.

The pattern row is challenging me some. I’m getting lots of practice reading stitches and counting to 6 over and over. Any ideas or suggestions to make this easier would be appreciated. Maybe placing markers on Row 2 after the pattern row will help? I’m only 8 rows in so I’ll have plenty of time to figure it out. The pattern row is Row 1, it includes some K2tog, and some YO to offset them so the stitch count per row is constant. Row 2 is all purl , Row 3 is all knit and row 4 is all purl.

The fine yarn is kinda tough on the old eyes too. Maybe I should dig out my old sewing magnifier to see if that helps.

Wishing you and yours a very happy (American) Thanksgiving week!

That will be lovely. A nice change from baby blankets too. The only suggestion I can think of is use lifelines. Yes, if you have a magnifier, use it. No sense making things more difficult than they have to be. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

You can put markers between pattern repeats if that helps, too. Pretty scarf!

Yes, the markers will make it simpler to spot a mistake and to count the sts between pattern repeats. You’re doing a very helpful thing in recognizing the sts and the way they work together to make the pattern. That also makes it easier to correct a mistake, should you make one. Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all!

It’s a lovely lightweight scarf though I think I would make it longer so I could loop it. Let us see when you have it done!

I never work something lacey like this without stitch markers defining repeats across the row, and lifelines strung into and across the last row of each row repeat. That’s the only way to go, IMHO.

It’s an awesome pattern, Ginger. I have another one of these OTN. My situation is a bit reversed from yours. After knitting socks on size 2s for so long, the move to a bigger needle while staying with a small gauge yarn was marvelous. Felt like I cast on, and poof rows appeared.

I found the way the pattern repeat was written made it harder than it had to be. At least for me.

Until I marked with stitch markers this way on row 1: 2 sts, pm, (18 sts, pm) for each feather & fan pattern repeat [k2tog 3X…k2tog 3X] this will leave 2 sts at the end for the edge stitches. Once i did that, I could worry more about knitting the feather & fan than counting.

Happy knitting!