WIP: entrelac scarf :)

Yes, I’m still knitting scarves after 6 years… haha…

Wanted to do something new-ish with multiple colors (i usually do stripes in the round, and I am very sick of that design)

So I found entrelac randomly when I was looking through patterns. Learned how to do it, and now I’m making a friend a scarf out of it. The back isn’t very practical for a scarf though, so I’m contemplating making another stockinette piece and sewing them together :\ my brother said I should try to double knit entrelac… yeah, I laughed too.

It looks very good!

I agree with Jan! It looks terrific!

thanks so much guys :slight_smile: the sides will look neater once i tie and weave in the ends.

do you think an added stockinette pack part would be good or a waste of time? :\

I’m not sure where you want to put the stockinette, but it does tend to curl unless it’s anchored by a flat st like garter st. You can use the stockinette curl on the edges if you like to give a rolled edge or you could pick up around the scarf (or just on the long edges) and knit a border in garter st.

You’ve really done a great job with the entrelac. Striking colors and a wonderful technique!

Well I was thinking to make a black stockinette the same size as the scarf and then attach it, but the back looks fine… it’s not as warm and cozy as my striped scarves done in the round, but its still cool :slight_smile:

im a fairly shaky person, so its a little fuzzy :

Lovely and nice color combo too!

Love the scarf and the colors. Great work.

Wow, that is an ambitious project…I tried entrelac once and had to give up in frustration. Looks great! Congrats!

Lookin’ great! Entrelac still puzzles me…but you did just fine!

That’s a really neat looking scarf, and you’ve done a super job on it, too.