WIP -Ducks!

This is one of the ducks for The Little Yellow Duck Project.

I think he came out cute!



I will share more as I make them!

How many do you plan to make? How tall is it?

That duck will certainly brighten someone’s day. Just seeing the photo did it for me.
Thanks very much for the smile and this very cute duck. Looking forward to seeing the rest of her friends.

GG It’s about 4" tall. I finished a different duck, but the pic didn’t come out so I’ll try again tomorrow. I will make at least a few more.

Thats excellent! I’m presenting that to knitting group this week, and hopefully we can all make it a 100 in a day thing for June.

100 in a day is when you register your idea (or steal someone elses) and get 100 events promoting social change in 1 day happening in your city.

you can find links on line.

Hey this looks amazing! Keep it up =)

[COLOR=“Navy”]Oh my gosh, that is soooo flipping cute!!![/COLOR]

Have a few more! Pics soon! Have to make a tie for one and see another together. :slight_smile:

I made four ducks, but one seems to have waddled away. :teehee: So here’s the others. I’m happy with how they came out.

I’m continuing till the end of the month so will probably have a few more. It would be fun to make some in different colors, but it IS The Little [B]Yellow[/B] Duck Project. :lol:

A flotilla of ducks, each one is cuter than the last. Great project, Jan.

They’re all too cute. Maybe the MIA is playing hide and seek with Miss Kitty.
They’d be cute in different colors but I guess they wouldn’t be yellow project ducks.

Too the left in this photo you can see a large glass thing. It’s full of ducks! The 4th is hanging out with the others in there somewhere. :roflhard:

Did I quack you up? :wink: I think they’re all just ducky. (y)

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:joy: Just saw this for some reason. My cat stole one (with pink ribbon) out of the bag to play with. Hahaha! Since I’m responding to this older post it will pop up again so here’s the ducks.

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Always nice to see the ducks. Where do you leave yours, Jan?

I made these last summer and then got sick so I never put them out. I still plan to. Maybe the library? What do you guys think?

So cute! What a great job you did!
I have never heard of this organization. I will share this with my sister. Nineteen years ago she needed a kidney transplant and we were blessed that I was a match. She is going strong! Many people do not realize a transplant does not last forever. My sister is amazing going this long!
Really a wonderful organization! I will be checking into them and seeing if they are in Canada.
Do you take the duck somewhere yourself?

Actually, I still haven’t. I kind of forgot so glad to see this pop up to remind me. I think I will take them to the library. That’s so great that you were a match for your sister! I’m glad she’s doing well!

And thank you! They were easy to knit and would make cute toys, too. I magic looped them… of course. :slight_smile: