WIP - DROPS designs tank

That’s beautiful, KQ, beautiful!! :inlove: :inlove:

I’ll be running out of yarn tonight :frowning: , I’m about 2/3 of the way through the upper bodice part and because the rows are getting shorter and shorter as I go, even though what I have left looks like only a small bit of yarn, I think I’ll be able to finish the front with it. Now I’ll just wait for the rest of my yarn to get here, hopefully before next week because we’re going on holidays and I want to wear my tank!!

I’ll post a progress pic tonight once I run out of yarn.

If you decide to actually make this, ask me questions if you run into problems - I have found that this pattern kind of assumes a bit of stuff, and there were other things I needed to figure out that weren’t specified in the pattern. For instance, I had to figure out on which row to start the chart #2 in order for the little cables to cross on the right side rows. Stuff like that. All that’s needed is in the pattern, it’s just not always too specific, does that make sense?? :thinking: Anyways, I did find that the chart for the bodice was a bit wonky so I’d be happy to help you with that part too, if you need it once you get there.

Thanks – I’ll definitely take you up on that – just don’t be too surprised if it takes me awhile… I’m trying to get done with some Christmas presents right now so that I’m not scrambling in December like last year… I really do love that tank, though, and I’m really looking forward to knitting it!

Sorry, no picture yet :blush: , it took me longer to finish the bodice than I thought, then I got to watching CSI last night… :lol: Today I’ll get that picture, I promise! I had enough yarn to finish the bodice and still some left, maybe even enough for the straps. I tried it on as best I could and it actually fits really really well!! :happydance: It makes me look even bustier than I am, but oh well, dh won’t mind!! :wink:


That is SOOOO pretty!! :inlove:

I love it–it’s very beautiful! Good work!

It’s turning out great! :smiley:

I love this tank top!!! Can’t wait to see it finished and worn! :cheering:

It’s such a feminine top, and beautifully knit too!!!
Can’t wait to see a pic of it on!

Phew, I’m breathing a sigh of relief!! We leave for holidays tomorrow morning and today, my yarn arrived!! I can finish my tank!

:cheering: :cheering:

Very nice! I love the color!

Very nice!! Im making my DD a shrug in the same yarn and color!

This is looking great. You do very nice work.