WIP - DROPS designs tank

I’m working on this tank from DROPS designs. I am making it in Knitpicks Shine Sport ‘Green Apple’. This is what I have so far. It is becoming monotonous so I’m glad that I’m about 3/4 of the way through the body part before dividing for the armholes, and I’ve decided (with the help of some of you on a different thread) to add some short rows for the bust. I’m kinda a size small but with a not so small bust, so I’m going to be adventurous and try it out. I’ve been freaking out about running out of yarn - I only have 5 balls - so yesterday I just bit the bullet and ordered 3 more balls so I’m sure to have enough, especially since I’m adding the short rows and would like the make the whole thing a tad longer than the pattern says. I’m not exactly interested in showing off my post-two babies belly :wink: .

Here it is :XX:

P.S. I find it really kinda odd that on the picture shown with the pattern, you can’t see those mini cables AT ALL :thinking:

Beautiful so far - I’m in love with that color! I hope the modifications work out for you. I always worry about not having enough yarn - and then I end up with way to much!

It is beautiful. Yeah, it is odd that the pattern pic doesn’t show the cables. They’re a really nice adornment.

Thanks SJ. I’m preeeetty sure I would have run out of yarn with what I had, considering it’s going to take at least 3 balls of yarn just to complete the body part, that would only leave me 1 ball for the back and 1 ball for the front plus the straps, and I wouldn’t be able to lengthen it at all. I didn’t want to cut it that close! Now I can just knit on my merry way and wait for my extra 3 balls to arrive! :thumbsup:

Thanks. The two little cables that go up the front run right up across the boobs to the top of the front piece. I hope it doesn’t focus too much attention “there”. :lol:

That is just beautiful! Did you add the design yourself? It doesn’t look like the pattern has one, but the photo isn’t nearly as good as yours for detail. You’re doing a great job on it!

ETA: Never mind you explained the cables not showing on the pattern. :wink:

Beautiful, can’t wait to see the FO…love, love the color.

I REALLY like the color that you’re using. Should be very pretty…

That is a really lovely design, you’re knitting it up wonderfully!

Can’t wait to see it done! :cheering:

It’s coming along nicely! The pattern looks pretty cool. Hope it comes out the way you planned. That would suck if it didn’t fit after all that hard work! :frog: I’ve experienced it quite alot with making hats. Grrr! :rollseyes:

Hey you can’t see those cute little cables in the picture with the pattern. Ah whatever. Cute top, nice color. :cheering: :XX:

I did the short rows for the bust - they turned out okay but not perfect, I’ll have a few stitches to tighten up that will hopefully stay put once blocked. I think I’m 2 rounds away from binding off for the armholes and then dividing front and back. I’m also on my last ball of yarn so now I have to wait on Knitpicks. It shipped today, so who knows how long until it reaches the great white north :lol: :rollseyes: .

That is so pretty! I can’t wear tanks with thin straps anymore, since birthing/breastfeeding 3 kids has blessed me with 38F boobies!

Very pretty!! I love the little cables and pretty color too!

:heart: :heart:

That’s looking so so good! Keep us posted!

That is really beautiful! Since seeing yours, I’ve added it to my long list of “to dos”, but I was a little confused by the pattern – it says to center the marker on the left side between two knit stitches, but it looks like the chart starts with one purl stitch. Were the written directions a misprint? I’m not experienced at all with charts, so it’s probably just that I’m reading it wrong :oops: , but I’m confused before I actually begin knitting!! (Not a good sign…)

Yes, the directions were wrong. The beginning of the round marker is centered between two PURL stitches.

Thanks, knitqueen! I feel much better now… :happydance: I’m looking forward to seeing your FO – thanks for sharing!