WIP -Drop-stitch shawl

This is my first foray into actually following a pattern! It’s a 6-row repeat and I have occasionally forgotten which row I’m on, so some of the repeats are narrower or wider than they’re supposed to be, but what the heck. Anyway, it’s knit corner to corner, so this is the first half- the increases. The next repeat will start the decreases. I’m in the home stretch! :slight_smile:

It looks really nice!! And I don’t see a SINGLE mistake :shrug: :mrgreen:

I love the yarn colors!

Lookin GOOOOOOOOD :cheering:

It looks great to me!

lovely so far and great color too!

Looks great so far :slight_smile: Gonna be gorgeous when finished :thumbsup:

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Beautiful! I love the color pattern :slight_smile:

I tried following a pattern repeat for a poncho for my mom~ :pout:

I kept loosing my place and I finally kept a sheet of paper and crossed of the rows like tic-tac-toe~~ :wall:

it’s still waiting for me to finish it in my HUGE… WIP pile~~ :roflhard:

Much better luck to ya~ :cheering: :cheering: