WIP: dragon scale gauntlets, one down... one to go

So I have a pile of half finished projects and I’m pretty new at this, so I finally told myself to FINISH!!!

I refuse to start anything else until my daughter has a pair of gauntlets! :rofling:

I finished the first one tonight, I’m so excited! They knitted up pretty easily and I’m ready to start on the right one.

done on #8 dpn’s
berroco ultra alpaca

I can tell that you did a great job, even if your camera doesn’t like white yarn!

Very nice! Those should be nice and warm.

Mama Bear

It looks wonderful - I look forward to seeing the second one! Great job!

Nice work! :thumbsup:

:smiley: Very nice, lovely…I know your daughter will love them :smiley:

They look beautiful! I hate when the camera never shows the beauty of the knitting!


Nice gauntlets!

(and I love the Nightmare Before Christmas pants!) :wink:

Very pretty! I’m sure my dd would like those, too!

those are really cool!
I’m not much a fan of arm-warmers(what I call them), but those look insanely comfortable&soft. Now I’m tempted to make some of my own. XD

great job. :slight_smile: