WIP: Double hat.. UPDATE with photo

Well, you all were right to stick to the ribbing and it would all work. It looks fine! I’m wondering if I should have done a k1p1 rib instead of k2p2. Oh well, now I’m wondering at point to put the stripes. The ribbing is about 1.5 inches and I have another inch or so of stockinette now. Any ideas? I will have pics soon.

I would go ahead and start the stripes. Ive found they look better lower rather than higher. If you look at pics of my most recent FDK hat, I did them high on one side and low on the other…

Thanks Kelly! I’ll look for the photo.

BTW…have fun this weekend! How many are going to be at the meet? Wish I didn’t live so far away!!

Somewhere between 8 and 12. :lol: Im so lucky to live near such a GREAT group. FUNNNNNN ladies!!

I’ll bet it’s a hoot! :roflhard:

Okay, just saw your hat and you are right…I do like them lower. Thanks!

Now you can see the photo. Does the 2x2 ribbing look too weird? I realize it’ll be stretched over his head, but… I should have done 1x1 for a hat like this. I don’t really want to frog it… but it’s kind of bugging me.

Now WHAT is with that stripe!? I pretty much understand WHY it’s that way, but is there any way to do it w/o it having a little jog like that? I am waiting to do the second stripe till I find out.


Search for “Jogless Jog” and there are directions for ‘hiding’ the jog.
It’s still there - since knitting in the round is really knitting in a long spiral there’s no way to get around it - but I did the jogless jog on my DS’s FDK hat and it’s almost invisible.

Happy Knitting :XX: :XX:


Thank you, Mary! I will give it a try!

I cant see your hat. :frowning:

Hmm…I see it okay right now.

Well I tried jogging the stripe thing and it didn’t work all that well. I must have done it wrong. :rollseyes: I also made the second stripe wider than I wanted. Ugh… thinking of frogging the whole thing and starting over. :doh:

Oh, Im goofy…I didnt realize you had put the pic in the first post. :doh: It looks GREAT!

ACtually, the 2x2 rib pulls in a bit more than 1x1…it will be snuggier in the earular region!

Thanks Kelly! Snuggier in the earular region, eh? :roflhard: Well I might have to leave that then on this hat. I am going to frog back so I can fix the second stripe though. It’s only one row thank god. :rollseyes:

Jan, I just had to jump in and say what a pretty hat!! I agree, I like the 2x2 rib-looks good!

i had the same problem figuring out the “jogless jog”, but I made 3 striped hats in a row, and by the third one it was working like a charm. Keep trying!!

:thumbsup: great hat!

Thanks Hilary! I will try again for sure. I decided NOT to frog this one at all… it’s too much of a pain…I’ll just call it a learning experience. :roflhard: It actually doesn’t look too bad with two different width stripes.