WIP:Dog and Cat Satchel

It’s slow process as using two yarns and switching between them. But I’m almost done with the cover. The rest of the satchel should go quickly! :mrgreen:

Here is the link for the kit!


Oh, I like!

Looking forward to seeing it finished. It looks cute.

How cute is that! So is this a dog/cat carrier or is it a regular bag–you know, for human junk?

Either way, it’s such an ingenious design!

Oh that’s great , looks like little Scottie Dogs. I too want to know if it’s for carrying dogs and cats, or perhaps they get to carry it around and keep their treats in it!! :mrgreen:

That is really cute. To quote GrumpyGramma “I like!!”

According to the instructions, the finish dimensions are 12 x11 x3 sooo that would be small for a dog/cat carrier. I would do different straps if I was gonna use it for that. I intend to use it for human stuff. I have lots of paper work to bring to some of my meeting and this would keep it more neat. The kit is on-sale at knitpiks this week!:cheering:


That is so cute! I don’t remember seeing that kit before. I may have to add that one to my queue!

Wonderful pattern! You’ve knit this beautifully. Thanks very much for the link to the kit (and the sale info). Looks like a perfect size carrier for all sorts of stuff.

Oh I always admire knitters who can get that tensioning right for Fair Isle color work! The tote looks perfect!

She did do great, it does look perfect, just like in the picture at KP. I just ordered a kit for myself (assuming it’s still available when they fill the order) and hope, really really hope, I can do even half as well.

ETA: My kit only cost $51.08! :chair:

it is very beautiful.

WOOT WOOT GG!! I hope you have as much fun as I am.

The two-tone knitting just takes patients. I work a couple of rows and then untwist the yard. Always stagger the carried yard so that the pattern lays flat. Some will also press out when you connect with the material for the lining. There is a also bias that can be applied to help with the shape.

I hope you will post your version when you get your kit going!!:cool:

I can hardly wait for it to arrive. I’m not sure I’m ready to do it yet, one day. It’s so cute, I don’t want to mess it up and yours looks really perfect.