WIP disaster

Kill me now. :hair:

Aiiiye, so painful! And it happens no matter how long you’ve been knitting or how many times this has happened before. (I did it just last week.)
I like the color combination, Jan.

Thanks, Mary Anne! I haven’t ever gone this far with a twisted cast on fortunately. I have no idea why I didn’t notice. Argh. To put a positive spin on it it was coming out a little larger than I wanted so when I restart I can cast on a few less and hopefully not twist it.

I’m making this.

That’s an adorable woobie. I like the way the pattern goes from the outside in rather than working in the opposite direction.

Obviously you’ve been neglecting offerings of burnt sacrifice to [COLOR=“DarkGreen”]The Frog[/COLOR].

I hate when that happens. You have my sympathy and I won’t say to consider it your swatch. :mrgreen:

I have some lovely alpaca blend yarn that is hiding out somewhere. I could not for love nor money get it started without a twist. I think I need to make something flat with it.

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Anything in the round gets the first few rows knit flat for exactly this reason. I lost count of the inadvertent Mobius hats and such. Mobius socks definitely do not work.

What’s weird, Becky, is that I DID knit a few rows flat! This is a complete mystery! I’m planning on ripping tonight at knitting group. I’m NOT looking forward to provisionally casting on 300 stitches again. I may make it a little smaller.

I think TECHknitter said she just uses waste yarn to start and then continues knitting with the “real” yarn for the project. That might be faster. You could do something like Judy’s magic cast on if you’re comfortable with it.

Excuse me for running off but I found the link. Provisional casting-on

GG, I do a crochet cast on with a crochet hook and waste yarn (or sometimes over a needle, but I didn’t have one handy). It’s easy, it’s just the number of stitches. It called for 300, but I cast on 240 tonight because it was too large anyway. I’m using sport weight yarn and a size 3 needle, but I knit really loose. I thought about using a turkish cast on, but I like the picot hem so I just did what the pattern calls for.

My friends at knitting group helped with the frogging. :slight_smile:

Always good to have friends. The picot hem is perfect on this project.