WIP - cushion cover

I’ve got a new table with two round chairs so I’m knitting up some cushion covers to fit the chairs. Here’s the top of one I just finished. Now I just have to do the sides, bottom and another cover! More details on my blog. Thanks for looking!

That is one of the neatest knit cushion cover I’ve seen! I love the colors you chose and the design. Great job!
How did you knit it into such a perfect circle?

That is absolutely GORGEOUS! I don’t know HOW you did it but it so sooo groovy. I dig the colors and the pattern/geometric layout is SOOOOO nice.

Personally, I wouldn’t allow anyone to sit on those chairs…they are going to be too pretty. WTG!

I’m curious how your paper tape form turned out? Store-bought forms are a little (okay a LOT) too much $ for me right now but I REALLY like the idea of having something that I could use to “measure” items as I sew/knit to make sure they are working okay.

Did you stuff this form or any tips on how you did it…if you are willing to share?


Very nice and the pattern is terrific.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

astonh - There’s a really good tutorial and information here on this website. If you make the paper tape one you don’t have to stuff it, the tape hardens enough if you have 4 or 5 layers.

cando - I got the circle shape after much trial and error! Basically I plugged the numbers from my gauge swatch into a computer drawing program (Adobe Illustrator) and it converted my drawing into pixels which I then used as a chart (phew). I knit this on long cable needles and did the increases at the bottom by wrapping the extra stitches around the cable and then did the decreases at the top by doing wrap and turns. Since I still have all the stitches on the cable I’m just going to go around and BO with an i-cord BO. Hope that makes some kind of sense…

That’s awesome! I like the colors you chose for it. :thumbsup: And what a great idea to use the adobe illustrator to help get the circle shape.

Amazing! I think you should try to publish the pattern!

Very nice design! I hope you post a photo of the finished cushion!


Very, very nice! I love the colors and the pattern as well. And thank you for the explanation on how to make it round.