WIP Color Knit Bag

I decided it’s time to quit messing around and make something in stranded color work. I found this Color Knit Bag Knitting Pattern that calls for acrylic yarn and I can use odds and ends I have hanging around. It’s knit flat per the pattern but I’m doing it in the round to avoid side seams. I eliminated the first stitch in the chart as it isn’t repeated and I can’t see any reason I need it. The stitch repeats are working out just fine so it must be OK. My photo shows how I started out. I used a provisional cast on so I can do a 3-needle bind off and skip the bottom seam as well. The funny mixed colors are the cotton yarn I used for the PCO and the blue yarn is actually lavender. It seems to take surprisingly little of each color so it looks like a good stash buster too. I could start one with whatever color and just pick out the next one as I come to it.

I can now take pictures for posting much more easily so I had to try it out. The color is all washed out I think partly because I wasn’t careful to pay attention to lighting. I’ll hopefully do better when I post an update.

Thanks for looking!

Very good looking pattern on the bag and it will be fun to try different colors from your stash. I’m looking forward to the updates.

That’s going to be pretty! Can’t wait to see it when you’re done!

That is going to be really cool. Looks like a way to use up stash that’s for sure. I bet that bag would be cool using a white or cream and blue/aqua combinations so it looks like waves rolling it too. I will have to keep this one in mind if I ever get the time. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

That’s what I thought too! I was thinking of using just blues. If I ever get this one done I might try it in blues and white.

What a cute project. I can’t decide whether the motifs look like ocean waves or mushroom slices. Either way, enjoy!

Mushroom slices! Yeah, I didn’t see them before but you’re right! I think the colors used will influence what it looks like. Maybe an ocean of mushroom slices waving…in the breeze? Well, that didn’t work out well. :roflhard:

I’ve just joined my 4th color. So far it goes lavender, brown, green, purple. Next will be yellow and I can’t remember after that. I have 6 colors picked out and will start again with lavender. That’s the plan at least. Maybe I’ll add another color or 2 before I start over.

I decided not to do FI socks because of dancejunky’s experience with minimum stretch. I got the message to not pull the strands too tight but I think the English strands might be too loose so I’m playing around with the tension on them a bit. Good thing I picked something that won’t be worn and has lots of repeats for playing with tension. Guess I was smarter than I thought when I picked this bag. :wink: I didn’t gauge swatch, I figured whatever size it ends up is good and I’ll find a remnant of some fabric I have to line it with. I’m playing with the idea of a 2 needle slip stitch double knit (knit in the round with 2 needles) strap that I could run some webbing through. Thoughts? Suggestions? Ideas? I’m just too insane?

Someone posted a photo of their WIP using kb to create a wavy line that’s part of a stuffed owl. That’s intriguing. I think while I work on this bag I’ll look around for something that uses that…see it would be good for socks. Maybe I’ll try the owl. http://www.knittinghelp.com/forum/showthread.php?t=112999

ETA: Seahorses, the curly things look like seahorses. :slight_smile:

I love the bag! :thumbsup:

I know what you mean about stranded colorwork. Not my favorite either. I’ve tried it, but somehow I just can’t seem to get the right amount of ‘droop’ in the back…the right amount of ‘droop’ on the ‘carried color’ looks messy…and so I pull it tighter…and BAM! my project gets bunched up! Bah!

I admire your resolve to expand your knitting horizons! :yay:

I’ve said this before…my BUCKET LIST includes 1) trying to knit a sock or two, 2) successfully working [I]anything[/I] entrelac, and 3) knitting something that’s Fair Isle, or stranded colorwork.

Funny thing…I fell in love with a pattern for entrelac knee socks shown in Interweave Knits a few years ago! sigh :pout:

I think I like this colorwork stuff. It’s a bit challenging, there’s plenty to learn, and it’s fun! The colors in the photo are off, I’ll have to get DS to help me with the camera on the EVO so hopefully as I go along my colorwork and my pictures will both improve. The colors, from the bottom, are lavender, brown, bright green, purple, yellow, turquoise, then back to lavender. The yellow and turquoise are pretty close to the real thing.

I’d gotten the 4th color added in and realized that somehow I’d missed that I twisted things when I joined for in the round. :chair: After setting it aside for a while I frogged it and reused the yarn. This one is smaller. That’s something else I figured out, the pattern only has one sideseam so I’d doubled the size and I really don’t want ta bag that large. How I missed that I’ll never know. This time around I started off with a cast on of 1/2 the stitches and then did kfb, divided the stitches to 2 needles and started off magic looping. After it got tall enough I switched to a shorter cable and now no looping is needed. I figured out that if I’m using ML for colorwork I should make sure I secure the float at the end of the row before pulling the loop up to start the next side. :doh: My floats are getting more consistent and that’s good. I’m guesstimating that I’ll do a total of three row repeats. Fortunately this isn’t brain surgery. I think that I missed a row or two but I’m not frogging to fix it. Sometimes being able to say, it’s OK! is really important. It is only knitting after all.

My goal is to make a Cat and Dog Satchel from the same kit that offgridgirl (:thumbsup: for her!) used. I have the kit, now I need the skills. If mine turns out anywhere near as good as hers, I’ll be :happydance: ! Thanks, offgridgirl, for the inspiration. Thanks to all of you for your wonderful comments and encouragement.

That’s going to be sensational!

Your do over is really pretty, GG. You’ll be into the Cat & Dog Satchel in no time! :yay:

I really like the pattern, and it looks like a great stash buster! The colors you’ve chosen work very well together.

That is so pretty!!

Nicely done!! You will be a pro and have the dog/cat satchel knit in no time!!!

I’ve been soooo busy with garden and mowing work, I haven’t had any time to knit!!..HUmmmm maybe I’ll have time tonight…it’s raining!!:mrgreen:

Oh my, I got side tracked and haven’t done anything with the bag for a while. I’ll post another photo but the color thing is driving me mad(der?)! I’ve been making a bunny rabbit and deciding I don’t like how the pattern is written or the size needles I used and started over doing it on smaller needles and my way…starting with a provisional cast on instead of picking up stitches for the head after the body is mostly done…and then I ran out of stuffing and had to go get some, realized I’d done the tail wrong and ripped out some stitches…lots of phun. Yesterday I got all my yarn (well, most of it) put away in and on top of a cupboard with doors. Today was a Storybook Ballet Fairy Tale Tea, I never expected to see ballet done toBaby Elephant Walk. It was great! Anyhow, the bag is knitted and I made some icords for handles but think I don’t want to use them. I need to do a lining. It’s most definitely a learning piece. You can see the tension thing was a learning process. The colors are so wrong they make me cringe. Maybe I’ll skip finishing it and just do another.