WIP: Cloak

So I finally started my cloak, and James wants one as well… this one I’ve already put in over 40 hours and it’s not even half way done >.< but never the less it’s going to be finished by winters end, even if i have to have sleepless nights! I need a longer cord though >.<

I used a pattern for a seedstitch edged caplet and just added length to it

It looks like beautiful colors and is going to be worth all the hours of knitting. These projects do take time but as long as you’re enjoying the knitting, it’s all fine. Looking forward to seeing the finished cape!

Oy vey, I feel ya! I have had seemingly endless projects, so I greatly admire your fortitude and stick-to-it-iveness! A stitch at a time, a stitch at a time!

Looking forward to your FO’s!

Even though it’s hard for me to keep up at night, i’m doing ok with it, a row or 2 a night and I feel as if I’ve done something good for it :slight_smile:

Welp… Still working, but it’s coming along! I’m happy to be back cause I can get advice!

Welcome back. Your cloak has definitely grown. Keep up the good work!

You certainly are making wonderful progress. The colors are lovely!

Thank you both! I’m just happy to have more time on my hands

The color is beautiful! But, do keep up with your schoolwork and sleep! Knitting can be your reward or ashore tension reliever. Do I sou d like a mom? :teehee:

you sound like my momma, but i thank you for that… i’m a night owl so i’m usually not tired until the wee hours in the morning… but i get so tired in school… eh… it’s like… i know I should go to bed but I just wanna stay up just a little bit longer… ugh
being a night owl sucks sometimes

I know. I tend to be a night owl, too. I’m making myself put down the iPad about 10 most nights and just read for awhile. Sleep is too important for health and learning. I usually only knit during the day. Bad lighting in my room anyway.

I usually knit when it gets dark and my room gets cold… it’s still getting cold