WIP: Celtic Socks! :D

I’m knittin’ again! I think I’m going to make socks for everyone this year…they are so fun and fast! And they are the only thing that I can really knit to fit someone with my particular guage. I always get confused about that.

These socks are stranded, and in my chart sometimes there are up to nine sts of one color in a row…I think thats a LONG strand to leave behind with as big as my guage is, so I’ve been twisting a stitch about every 4-6 stitches on the long sequences of stitches. I’ve never done stranded knitting, so I hope I’m doing it right! And I hope they wont snag.

And I might add… these are for ME. I have hardly ever knit anything for myself. Well, anything that has fit or been finished.

Those look really cool? What pattern are you using for the design?

Those look great!

I looked close, I don’t see any mistakes whatsonothin’! Keep it up!

Thanks :muah: I am using a design pattern that someone here sent me the link to, but I had to search around for the site that had; it I believe I found on a blog site. I love it so much! It’s 24 stitches wide, and my pattern is 48 stitches wide, so I have two repeats of it. Both sides SHOULD look exactly alike, but the top sock picture has gaps in the swirl bottom. I’m actually going to have to rip back, because I did notice a mess up on the other side, and more than likely I wont remember about that for my next sock. I don’t want them to be a row off. :wall:

Thanks :slight_smile: I love this sock so far! and I’ll be starting my second as soon as I get to the heel of this one.

Lovely, can’t wait to see the FO :cheering: :cheering:

ohhh I love the colors!! and well it looks very nice so far! :smiley: although I see what you mean about the 2 stitches but it looks great either way!! :smiley: :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I’ve actually ripped back and redone the chart, the sock is perfect on both sides now as far as I know - so yipee! And it’s funny because the first time I attempted to start knitting the chart again, I made the same mistake as before.

Thanks everyone :hug:

Those look great!! I think Silver used that same pattern for a black and white pair of socks a year or two ago. I was amazed! :happydance:

Yea, I think her webpage of finished knit items was the page I was sent to from here. I ended up finding the design elsewhere and I was ecstatic!

Oh wow !!! Those are neat looking !!! :heart:

Those socks look great!

I just learned stranded knitting in the form of Latvian mittens, and my teacher mentioned that the strands in the back shouldn’t be longer than 3 stitches. It was a challenge in places where I had to use 3 colors, though, so I did fudge it to 4 or so sometimes. Longer than that would have caught in the back. Hope that helps.

Those look great. I love the pattern. Hmmm, I think I might need me some goodlookin’ socks like that!

That does help actually, thanks a lot! I am worried when the strands are an inch long :rofl:

:muah: (I love this little guy, she’s so perfect!)

I have knit some more of this sock. There’s one mistake, but this time it really didn’t bother me. I’d rather there be an extra green stitch than missing ones. I’m really starting to love this design!

The only thing I’m not liking is that my guage has become tighter and tighter! :wall: I need to loosen up :doh:

I love the colors. :slight_smile:

Hm, I found that with fair isle my knitting does get tighter and tighter. Maybe after you get them knitted and wear them for a bit they will loosen? :thinking:

Thanks :slight_smile: Well, I don’t believe I am using the fair isle technique, but it is stranded throughout. They are similar enough techniques though. I bet just knowing about the strands makes us a little paranoid of snags. That’s how I am. But I am trying to make it looser. But i am at the heel now, so I am hoping there will be no worries there. :hug:

And onward with the pictures!

wow!!! they’re coming out so nicely!! great job! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: :smiley: :smiley:

Thanks! :smiley: I can’t wait til they are done!