WIP: Cashmere wrap stitch scarf and beads

I am making this for my daughter-in-law for her birthday, which is a week from today. It is a soft soft cashmere/alpaca, but I discovered I didn’t have enough yarn to make a nice long scarf as she likes to wind them around her neck a couple times so had to order more and order the beads, which I did. I am putting the beads on the fringe. They are tiny 6mm. Not a difficult stitch pattern, but I think it is pretty and I am out of time to work on anything more intricate. I got started on it late so it is going to be late, but just a bit. Luckily, I ordered her something and had it shipped directly to her so she will get part of her gift from us on time anyway.

That is going to be beautiful! The beads will be a nice touch!


You could always do what I do, wrap the semi-completed project with a nice card saying “I will complete so and so for your birthday present”:muah: