WIP: Calla and Lotus Blossom Tank

Here are pics of Calla and Lotus Blossom Tank. Calla is halfway done: now I have to make an identical back. LBT is close to the armhole BO where the front and back separate. I’ve made and am still making mods to LBT because I want mine to have a longer, more A-line shape. :XX:

You can’t really see the lace pattern in the LBT picture due to the flash. :doh:

Wow, really great! So beautiful!

:smiley: They are both GORGEOUS!!!
I just got the yarn (BS Cotton Fleece) for my sister’s Lotus yesterday; I can only hope it looks as good as yours :wink:

BEAUTIFUL! The colors are fantastic! :heart:

You are a knitting machine!!! Very nice!! :inlove:

Wow both of those look fabulous - LOVE the colour choices!

Jackie love the colors! Great job on them both! I cant wait to see them on you!

Love, love, love your Calla, Jackie!! The color looks fabulous!! :cheering:
Love your LBT, too! :thumbsup:

Beautiful!! Can’t wait to see the finished products.
And props to you for having the attention span to work on two lacy projects at once. I’d make a mess. :shock:

Those are stunning! I know you’ll get lots of compliments on them. :slight_smile:

Everything looks great so far. I love the color of the lotus blossom tank!


Wow, just WOW.

That Calla knocks me out. Your stitches are so even and the color is to die for.

Can’t wait to see 'em when they’re done!

Both are sooooooo beauteous! I forget…where are the patterns from, Interweave Knits?

Thanks! :heart: Calla is from Magknits and Lotus Blossom Tank is from Interweave Knits.