WIP - Cabled Tie

After much improvisation and frogging I have finally come up with a stitch pattern I like for the cabled tie.

Hey, that’s lookin’ good!

Mason, I love the pattern, but is it really going to be [I][B][U]orange???[/U][/B][/I]

Just curious ~~~~~~~~

(If I was married to you, I’d be standing with my hands on my hips saying, “That’s not going to be [B][I][U]orange[/U][/I][/B], is it?”)

Technically it’s mango. The color doesn’t show perfectly in the pic. It’s closer to the color of cantaloupe.

Yeah, ok, it’s orange. :rofl: What’s wrong with orange?

I love oranges and they are ORANGE. Great pattern. :clink:

LOL Mason … LOVE the stitch pattern … not too sure about the color though. :smiley:

The color actually shows the pattern well! I’m thinking a well-dressed man can probably coordinate that orange tie to look nice with something or other! (Oops sorry, Mango tie)

Mason, I really love that stitch pattern; what are you going to call it?

Kewl! I love it! Very creative, Mason!!!

dear god mason!! im getting extremely concerned over this tie business.
now im not saying the cables aren’t nice (i like the squareness) and hey! who doesn’t like mangoes?
but really!:wink: :teehee:

OK, so when do you start posting the patterns? :woohoo:

‘Mango’ is it? Mmmmmm.

I’m just not a fan of wearing a color meant to wave off incoming traffic. :wink:

On some people, it looks just right, on me, blimp city.

I’m waiting for you to start posting patterns, seems like you have ‘the creative itch’ going.

Thanks. I guess I’m just gonna call it the Mango Tie.

Patterns? We don’t need no steenkin patterns! :rofl:

I just make it up as I go.

With summer approching, I can invision that being made into a hip belt with a set of D rings on the other end for closer. I like that stitch pattern too. You could make these up and sell them at your different stops. :slight_smile:

Mason, I really like the cable you selected. It’s really quite pretty (can I say this about a tie??). You get what I mean.

You are going to have a nice line of knitted ties for the distinct (dic. def. distinquishable from all others) man. I like that. Why be like everyone else when you can knit. LOL