WIP:Cabled Baby Hat in SWS

I LOVE this yarn, it’s sooo soft. I can’t wait to try the other colorways.

It’s 80% wool and 20% Soy…I wonder if it will felt???

Looks great!! Here’s a link to a blog where someone used it to make a felted vase. It looks amazing.

That’s so pretty! I’m going to have to give that yarn a try, too!

I just LOVE that yarn. I have 8 balls in natural plum but I don’t know what i want to do with it yet.

Ooohhh that looks lovely!

Mama Bear

Very pretty! I’m also enjoying working with that yarn right now.

While I looove the SWS (I made a anthro capelet with it) I really don’t think it’s soft at all. Perhaps it’s because I’m rather sensitive to wools, but it’s definitely something I can’t wear next to bare skin. But I still love it and plan on using it more! :cheering:

Post a picture! I love my capelet in Natural Plum.


KQ, thanks for that link! She’s got some cute stuff on there! I love that picot edge vase!

I knitted a capelet with Natural Plum and I love it. I feel the yarn is hard to work with. The fibers seem to separate when I knit with it. I feel it is a little scratchy also. I would never knit anything with it that would be directly on my skin. I do love the colorways though.