WIP - Cabled Afghan

[quote=“Jan in CA”]Thanks everyone!

I’m using size 10.5 needles and Caron Simply Soft double stranded. The pattern I based this on is Lannie Garner’s Reversible Cable Afghan. I changed it by doing about 10 rows before I started cabling otherwise you don’t have much of an edge. I also added stitches to the sides to create 5 k stitches on either edge and I slipped the first and knit the last so the edges are nice and straight. I CO 220 which gives you a 5 stitch border and 35 reversible cables.

Jan - does this mean this is the type of yarn you are using, or did you use two strands?

I meant TWO strands.

I don’t know if I’m going to finish this or not. It IS pretty, but it’s so heavy and bulky. My MIL tends to be hot so I’m afraid she won’t use it. It may end up in the frog pond. :wink: :teehee:

do you think it would be just a pretty as yours, (and of course, not as bulky,) if knitted in one strand? or do you thinit requires the sturdiness of two strands?

I think one strand would be fine as long as you have the right size needle so they aren’t too loose. I love the idea of a reversible afghan so I may give this another try with another variation or something.

:inlove: :inlove:

That is so pretty.

I’m considering making an afghan or throw for a friends wedding gift- fortunately I think I have a while. I think she would like cables-- so keep us posted on the progress. Something like that would be ideal.

Jan, it is simply gorgeous and I would work it as you can…Have you ever done the 20 minute plan? When I have alot going on…I use my kitchen timer…and allow myself 20 minutes for knitting…:)) Maybe you can go on the 20 minute plan per day???

So pretty much that’s alot of cableing for that afghan. All the more power to ya for doing it! It’s goergous though!! xxx

it’s absolutely beautiful! you are doing a great job…keep going a bit at a time :cheering:

Absolutely GORGEOUS!

Stunning. I want one just like it!

It looks beautiful so far–I want to make a cabled afghan–I just got the book Cables untangled and it has a couple of really nice ones! I can’t wait to see how yours turns out…