WIP cable sweater UPDATE pics of back too

Started this yesterday for ME.It’s made with Caron Simply Soft.
Like I need to start another project :doh:

Thats a beautiful color, and your cables look great! :cheering:

BEAUTIFUL!! Great cables, and I love the color! I have played with cables, but never actually done a project with them… I have so little knitting time, and even less that is uninterrupted… for some reason my 3 and 5 year old daughters always want my attention while I’m knitting. :slight_smile:

Beautiful cable work, Julie! Don’t you just love simply soft!. I am knitting a cardigan to match my sleeveless shell with it right now in a peach. Good luck and we can’t wait to see the finished project!

Looks perfect!

First of all, I adore caron simply soft. Second, I would go crazy if my cables crossed on different rows! How do you keep track? It is a beautiful pattern and you’re doing a beautiful job!

That is going to be so pretty when you finish! Beautiful shade of green!!!

beautiful cable job! I wonder what it looks like from behind. I love cables, but I don’t like that they make your work a bit more bumpy or thicker.


That is really pretty!

The color and pattern are beautiful :cheering:

It’s lookin’ great already! I :heart: it!

Chee7e-- wants to see back so here ya go

CarmenIbanze --wants to know how I keep track of rows
Easy, just make cables on rows 5 & 11

I did more on the sweater today so thought I’d show progress

Thanks to everyone for the compliments :cheering:


very nice! :thumbsup:

So very PRETTY :cheering: :cheering:

I like how the cables aren’t in sync with each other… very cool!! :clink:

I love cables. I cant want to get comfortable enough to do the Cable Hoodie from Knitscene.


that is absolutely beautiful!!