WIP: Cable knit scarves

I am knitting these scarves for Christmas gifts for family. I am still a fairly new knitter and I usually knit socks. I wanted to try cables so I found this pattern online at http://www.sheeptoshawl.com/charity/archives/2006/01/entry_179.html. They are both made from Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I am not a very fast knitter so it may take me a while to finish. There are a couple spots on the sides where I made a mistake but I will not be ripping out anything at this point. Hope you like them.

Very lovely! Great job on the cables. Addicting, aren’t they?

Oooooo, that’s some YUMMY YARN! You are starting out just wonderfully! Keep up the great work!

Yes, they are very addictive but I love them! I actually finished the dark red one last night! The blue one works faster because i’m using a larger needle so I’m exited to have 2 things done soon.

Congrats! They look fabulous!!!

They are fabulous! The recipient will adore them and appreciate your time and talent.

Very nice! I just love doing cables :slight_smile:

They look wonderful! :cheering:

Very nice cable-ing! Both look like they will be nice and warm!

Looking good! Love the colors.

Looking good! :slight_smile:

They look great! You’re a relatively new knitter and all you’ve ever tried was socks, and now cables??? Wow, I’ve known how to knit for over 40 years, and I’m too afraid to even attempt socks or cables!

I love these scarves!

Blame it on my knitting instructor. She said that people are afraid of cables so she taught us how to do them the second class. My first project in class was a hat made in the round on double point needles because she said it wasn’t hard to work with them so we were going to try it. Socks were easy after that! She was a great teacher. I’m glad you like the scarves, you should try them, they’re really easy.

…ummm…I’ve never tried double pointed needles either. :aww:

I may just have to try that scarf though. Is it the Irish Hiking Scarf?

Thanks for the encouragement!

No, it just says Easy Cable Scarf and Headband. Go for it! Double points are a breeze, it’s the circular needles that give me fits.

You are progressing faster than I did when I was new!
Kudos to you! I see great things on your knitting horizon!
Your 2 scarves are wonderful! Keep up the good work!