WIP Brocade sweater

I got the back done for the Kaffe Fassett sweater! I did the sleeves first, so now I have to get the front done. Not sure if I’ll get it done before the holidays, though.

I found the pattern in Rowan Magazine number 38 and I’m using Cleckheaton Country 8ply Naturals.

Looks gorgeous Ingrid! I actually saw that Rowan yesterday at the LYS and I had totally forgotten that you were working on it. It looked so familiar to me and I was like :?? where had I seen that before? Duh. LOVE IT and BEAUTIFUL AS ALWAYS, OH KNITTING GODDESS :notworthy:

That is STUNNING, Ingrid!

Thanks! It looks better in the picture or far away than it does close up. It’s lumpy. I’m crossing my fingers that it will flatten out when I block it. It did for my other lumpy sweater, but I’m always nervous about blocking.

Ingrid, are you stranding, or using intarsia? :??

Mostly intarsia, but I found that there were places where I could strand the blue across–like when there was only a stitch or two of the tan. When it got to be more than about three stitches and it was going to stay that way or get wider, I added another strand. The back looks rather like a shag carpet. :rollseyes: but I tried to secure each end as I went. I still have go through each one and make sure it won’t unravel, though. Not my favorite thing to do.

Ingrid, :notworthy: My Queen :notworthy: it is simply GAWGEOUS!! Just GAWGEOUS!! When I’m a grown up knitter I want to knit like you, :notworthy: My Queen O’ Knitting :notworthy:

Oh, please, Rebecca–looks who’s talking!!

Thank you, though, I really appreciate it. :heart:

Wow, Ingrid! That is just gorgeous! :heart:

You must have the most amazing power of concentration! I can’t even make k2p2 ribbing consistently (random seed stitch and all). What is your secret?

Post-it notes and a chart. No secrets that I can think of. Determination, too. :wink:

:cheering: Looks wonderful!! I’m hoping the LYS will have an intarsia or fair isle class soon I wanna try but ya know :shock:

holy crap that is awesome! Anything Kaffe Fassett deserves a round of applause :cheering: :cheering: :cheering: You always seem to get that really complicated stuff done quickly too! You are truly the golden needles holder.

Well I think we can all see who’s the queen of colorwork. Ingrid, your sweaters are really an inspiration!!! But I’m still jealous of your St. Moritz. LOL Osterdalen (Dale’s 2004 sweater) is my very NEXT project!

That is amazing! I am constantly blown away by what you can create!

Me, too! I’ve requested the same thing @ my LYS :wink:

It’s really awesome, Ingrid!! How long HAVE you been knitting, by the way??

Thank you! I knit my first stitch when I was about 9–in the early Sixties. :rollseyes: I knit periodically, all self-taught, for chunks of time in my teenage years, then again through my pregnant/new mom years.

I didn’t really pick it up again until I told my grandson I could knit and he asked me to knit him a sweater. I haven’t stopped since. That’s been about 3 years I guess.

points up yep, what Kemp said!

:blush: :oops: :inlove: Thank you everyone!

Whatever the end product, it’s still one stitch at a time, one row at a time. I think that everything in knitting looks a lot more difficult than it is. Don’t wait for lessons–give it a shot. I’m sure there must be at least a few yards of extra yarn laying around your houses somewhere! :roflhard:

And Silver–the hardest part of the St. Moritz sweater was the mile of plain stockette stitch until I got to the patterning. I think I dozed off a few times, but it was a good carry-around project for a while.

No secrets that I can think of. Determination, too.

LOL - thta’s the biggest thing right there… I can’t believe your eyes aren’t crossing looking at all those little squares and symbols…
Beautiful as always, I love the design… I bet it’s gonna look great on, too!