WIP - Branching out Scarf

This project is kicking my b*tt!! I’ve tried it and frogged it several times. I finally went to the LYS today and got a fingering weight yarn. Check out my blog if you want the gruesome details - otherwise, here’s a pic. (And I hope this looks better after blocking!!)

they always say it does look better after blocking, that in the meantime it looks like a tangled mess…at least I can see the pattern in the photo! Good luck, keep at it!

:thumbsup: yep, lace always looks a lot better after a good blocking…even my dh is in shock after I block lace :teehee: …

Looking good :happydance:

oooh preeeeetty! good work!

Thanks for all the votes of confidence. I need them!! (And I need to learn how to block really well!)

Kudos to you for sticking with it!! I think it’s looking great so far. I’m working on the Orca Tails scarf right now and it will be my first blocked project.

I think it looks beautiful now!!! Of course it’ll look great after blocking!

Looking good so far. I think you are doing a great job! Such determination should be rewarded. It will look wonderful when it is blocked. Keep up the good work!

You are doing a GREAT job!

I’ve made two of these. Hang in there. The first few repeats are difficult, but then you get in the routine of it, and it starts to fly.

I recently bought the lace blocking kit from Knit Picks. I used it to block the dishcloths I recently made (as practice). They are great! I highly recommend that you purchase something like this. Branching Out is hard to block (tedious). You’ll get a straighter edge that way. I sure wish I’d had this kit when I made my own scarves.

Thanks for the tip. I think I will purchase something for blocking - it seems like too important of a step and I want it to be done right.

i made this scarf twice,once with wool in natural cream color, and another with fingering wt red unknown fiber. the first one i had to start over several times, then got a tipto use a ‘lifeline’–i put this contrast color yarn at the end of each repeat and it was a sanity saver. linknit41