WIP - Bombshell

Here’s my knitting world cup project in progress. I had to post this, I’m just so happy that it fits! This is my first proper garment since taking knitting back up again after a 20 year absence in March this year. When I knit in my teens I made a cotton cabled sweater, it was very easy and straightforward. Bombshell is far more tricky, complicated and a challenge compared to that long ago sweater. I’m LOVING knitting this - loving how it fits and how it is shaped to flatter and the clever way the sleeves are done.

Hope to finish this soon =D

It is made using Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora blend in a sage green colour. The photo doesn’t do the colour justice.

That’s lovely! What pattern is it? I mean, publisher/author wise.

Lynda M


Oh, that is pretty!! I love the color! :heart:

:cheering: :cheering: GORGEOUS…WTG with you WKC :cheering: :cheering: I can’t wait to get the book, I’ve got to have that top, too :thumbsup:

The pattern is Bombshell from the Big Girl Knits book

I LOVE the shaping on this - they have used the ribbing to create this fabulous shaping at the waist and under the bust. It is like an inverted V of ribbing which then smoothly goes down and joins the waist ribbing where you switch to a smaller needle to “create” a waistline, then back to the larger needle to continue to the end.

Great job so far - that color is beautiful!

Wow, that’s gorgeous!
I’d love to see a picture of it on you…the lines look so flattering.

very nice Mulene!

i love that pattern and your yarn choice is awesome! :cheering:

So pretty, I am waiting to see if Michael’s or Joanns gets that book in before I order from Amazon … because I have NEVER in my life ordered ONE book from Amazon !!!

Great Job! Debbie

I :heart: :heart: :heart: that sweater! Terrific job!

Looks like a fabulous design!! You’re doing a TERRIFIC job!! :cheering:

Thank you for the compliments =D I am loving making this - the shape is great. My mother is already looking at it and saying stuff like "you know… green might look better on me than you! :wink: " hehe

Last night I completed the bottom border and bound off and completed one sleeve border (while actually watching England play!). Hoping today to complete the second sleeve border and at least have the neck stitches picked up.

Soon as it is done I’m gonna model it for you all :shock: :lol:

Thanks for the book title. I’ve ordered it from my library so I can take a look at it!

Lynda M

We have a brand new A.C. Moore opening TODAY and they have yarn and needles! (Remember … Olrando is LYS deprived, we have 2 … 35 and 45 minutes away in areas I never “just happen” to be ) My close options are Joanns and Michaels … at least they have yarn and needles … sigh . ANYWAY … there is a 50% off coupon in the paper today and I HOPE HOPE HOPE A.C. Moore has the book! If not … I may have to go to B&N and pay full price for it. I have spent enough time there sitting and looking at it . I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Bobmshell … and my sisters will be here next week and we will be doing a major LYS crawl as we make our way down the coast to spend a few days at the beach. I love knititng things from “vacation yarn” $$ count toward souvenir NOT Stash … and fun memories. YEA, LYS map! Mulene, If I ever get to visit London again, we can be twins !

I got my copy from Amazon - seemed a bit cheaper, the delivery was fairly fast too for a book coming from the US (it took under a week to arrive - since it seems not available here in the UK). Some things I can really ONLY get through Amazon. Sometimes I try to order through Foyles but thats a trip into Central London AND they don’t always come through with them at the end =(

I can’t recommend this book enough - the basic rules included on dressing ones self for ones shape are good. I learned those rules quite some time ago from watching “What Not To Wear” with Trinny & Susannah - I know you have the same show there but with US presenters. They are good basic solid guidelines to follow - you don’t HAVE to follow them but they do make a lot of sense!

Anyway - some sure fire basics on measuring, some sound advice & great knitwear designs included. There are some errata, particularly on Mimosa the gorgeous beaded shawl but they are printed on the web site.

There is also a BGK yahoo group for knit alongs for the various projects.

I’m SO in love with this book and feel like I’ve really achieved something from knitting this. I’ve learned a lot about shaping and stitching and following pattern instructions properly (read everything two or three times before starting!).

I really can’t recommend this book enough - Debbie if you can’t get it try Amazon! And yes, if you do ever get to London let me know =D I’ll come out in my Bombshell and we can waltz round town together!!

Oh and they are apparently working on Book 2 at the moment :cheering:

Debbie, if you can’t use your coupon and are looking for other places to buy it, Knitpicks sells the book at a discounted price.

The Bombshell looks great! I love that pattern… Can’t wait to see a finished pic!

Oh, and what a damned shame about Owen, eh?? My stomach sank when i saw him go down like that… poor baby.


So pretty! Can you be done already so we can see it on a person? :slight_smile: That is a great pattern.

You will be da bomb in it! It looks marvelous!