WIP - Blue Hawaii Sleeveless Sweater

Here is my progress so far on the Blue Hawaii Sleeveless Sweater - I started this in April as my very first knitting project, but have taken many side trips to other projects/techniques. I have the back completed and am about to bind off the shoulders on the front and join to the back (am planning on the 3 needle bind off I learned here so have to take out the BO on the back shoulders). The neck will be a cowl neck in the same lace pattern as the bottom - The yarn is a linen blend. The color is much more a coral than the orange it shows on the picture…hope you enjoy! Chris

Did you say your very first knitting project! It looks great! I love the color. Definitely go for the 3 needle BO for the shoulders; it’s much easier than trying to seam them together. Great job!

Wow! That is beautiful. What an ambitious first project! :cheering:

Crazy first project, and it looks amazing!!! You’re my hero :smiley: I’ve been knitting since Christmas and have made quite a bit of stuff, but I still cannot get the gauge to be okay in any type of sweater/top thing. You rock my world :thumbsup:

Thank - LOL Redheadrachel. Re the fit, I have been measuring like a mad person as I knit - used the measurements from a favorite t-shirt to get the inches as I am knitting at a little tighter gauge than the pattern called for…once I join the shoulders I will have a really good sense of how it will actually fit in the end :pray::pray::pray: I think it is going to be a little small, my Mom thinks it is going to be big…I decided to just keep going at this point and hope :lol: Either way it will be close and I may be able to “fix” with blocking or washing if needed…

When I decided to learn to knit I wanted to make sweaters - so the first thing I purchased was a very simple ST St sweater pattern, but then I saw this and just loved it so decided to go for it - figured what is the worst that could happen? I learn to knit and either have to frog or give it away? I think that is what I like about knitting - if you make mistake you can fix it, so plunging into something over your head can just be viewed as a “learning experience”:roflhard:…

Beautiful. L love the lace work at the bottom.

Your work is beautiful. Is the pattern available on the internet?

Thank you all!

Aprilbetty, the pattern is not on the internet, it is from Carol Rasmussen Noble’s Everyday Style book - the book has some great patterns & clear instructions - I have a couple of other sweaters from it I am hopinig to knit…

WOW! That is beautiful!:inlove: Great job!

It looks wonderful! :heart:

OMG! That is sooooo beautiful! I absolutely love, love, love the color! Wonderful job…and this is your first project? Holy Moly Batman:shock:

Thanks everyone! Your compliments are very encouraging!! Just to clarify, this was the first project I STARTED…but I have been sidetracked (it is a LOT of ST St in the body of the sweater and I get bored if I don’t put it down every once and a while) so have COMPLETED a few other things along the way. I do have to say, the front is more consistent than the back as I have gained experience, etc…but, oh my goodness, do I LOVE knitting!

Hi Chris! :waving:

Your stitch quality looks like perfection personified! Very nice work!
This sweater is absolutely beautiful! What an inspiring work of art!

Kudos! :thumbsup: Keep us posted!

Thank you ArtLady - I am so inspired by your work that your compliment means a lot :heart: Chris

Your first knitting project ? That’s amazing! Excellent work!