WIP - blue Afghan

This is being made with Lion Brand - Pound of Love and it is on a size 17 circular needle while knitting two yarns at the same time. Very thick, knits very fast and I made a pink one awhile back and it’s soooo cozy. :wink:

OMGoodnes!!! This is JUST the kind of thing I’m looking for as a gift to make for my best friend’s wedding.

Can you please give the pattern info and yarn you’re using. You’re doing an AMAZING job on it so far :inlove:

Gorgeous!!! That’s going to be beautiful and so comfy!!!

That is just beautiful!

What a beauty–it will be luscious to wrap up in!

Very nice!!!

What pattern is that?? Do tell …

Yes, please share the pattern! That is beautiful!! :inlove: :inlove:

Oh yes! That is looking very lovely! Very snuggly!

Aww, thanks for the nice comments. :wink: Here is the book where I got the pattern: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1574866435/sr=1-6/qid=1152925440/ref=sr_1_6/002-8747958-2672807?redirect=true&ie=UTF8&s=books

I’ve now made the pattern from the front cover twice. It has 24 afghan patterns and let me tell you, it’s my favorite pattern book IMO. Well worth the $9. if you are looking for a great afghan pattern book. All of them are made while knitting two yarns at the same time so they’ve got some nice bulk to them.

Both have been made with Lion Brand yarn called, “Pound of Love.” I’ve attached the other picture of the pink one I made for my Grandmother. It looks like it’s smaller but it isn’t. It’s folded over on the left.

Beautiful :inlove: Thanks for posting the book! :cheering: About how long do you think they take?

Nadja :XX:

That looks so beautiful! Thanks for the pattern, too! I may just try the pattern for the next blanket I’m knitting. The pink one is too cute!

Very nice! I love the cables in it!!

OMG - I have that book!!! :shock: :oops: I can’t believe I didn’t recognize the pattern!!! I guess color really makes a world of difference? :thinking: Thus far, I’ve actually one afghan from that book: I made the Sunny something one; it’s the yellow one that has a tray sitting on it. I think I posted a pic in my blog :?? I made it for my mother :smiley: And get this … I used Pound of Love too!!! :mrgreen:

Lovely afghans! :inlove:

Beautiful work!!

It looks great!! I really like that yarn… it is soooo soft once you wash it for the first time… :thumbsup:

That is so pretty! If you get the chance, could you post the finished dimensions?