WIP blankets and sacrf

So I’m finally using my Malabrigo stash. Making a lengthwise scarf in feather and fan. I knit appox 4-5 sts/in on size 8 so I CO 280 sts and went to town.

THe squares are for a blanket we are making in our local stitch n bitch. Just plain ole red heart. I’m making mitered squares, plain ole garter squares and a sorry attempt at a barn raising square.

:inlove: love the color of the malabrigo…Great job!

Nice! :thumbsup:

I love a stashbuster! Great work so far! Keep pluggin’ away! Hugs!

Wow! LOVE the colors in the scarf!! That’s going to be so much fun to wear! And great idea on the squares for S&B. :slight_smile: