WIP - Bitsy Bear

So I was making that 7 foot long scarf and I thought "what the heck, I am seeing my bootiful DGD next Friday when I get to babysit for the whole day. I took my DGS a scarf last time I was there, so I am taking my DGD a Bitsy Bear when I go this time. She appreciates my knitting. This is a labour of love!!! I can go back to knitting scarves when I finish Bitsy. I’ll post a picture when she is finished!


Wow how cute is she …I wouldn’t mind her for myself xx

Another night of insomnia… BUT the good news is that Bitsy is finished except for her clothing and to embroider her face on. I’ll post a picture later today when she is done (if I can see straight by then)…

So cute! That is just one more thing that I MUST knit for dgd. Thanks for posting the pattern, and can’t wait to see your finished bear.

It won’t be long before I can post a picture… perhaps tonight or tomorrow morning. All I have left to knit is the clothing now. It is cute! I did Bitsy in pale pink and her clothing is going to be lavendar. Those are the DGD’s favourite colours right now.

I hope your DGD likes it too! It does not take long to knit.

OMG!!! I just knit panties for a Teddy Bear! I must be hallucinating. Nope, they are still on Bitsy. I DID knit panties for a Teddy Bear.


I can’t wait to see the picture!

Oh Christine, it is going to be so cute! I know she’s going to love it- I love it! I’m glad you knit her some undies. When I was little my mom didn’t like that my Barbies didn’t have undies, so she wrote Mattel an angry letter- they sent me some undies for my Barbies so that they won’t be flashing anyone. I’ve also noticed that all Barbies have undies now.
Anyways, I can’t wait to see a picture- and will you get some rest woman?

OK I just woke up! I got four whole hours… TOGETHER! That is because I was dropping in my tracks! I tell you this menopause thingy is HELL! Just get to sleep, have a hot flash, awake and up again, soaking wet and miserable.

Oh well, look at the knitting I got done!

I can’t wait to see it done,i’m sure it will be cute!

Soooo I was knitting and sewing and knitting and sewing all the different little pieces together than make this toy a “teddy bear” when I realized something… this was NOT a teddy bear. The more I knit and sewed, the more I realized that MY Bitsy Bear looks like a PIG! Miss Piggy to be exact! Keep in mind she is still missing her shoes and dress, oh yes and her face… but YOU look and tell me if I am right please?!

“Piggy Personality” or “The Bear Facts”???

That is so cute! And…yes, it does look a little pig like. LOL How did you give it the Miss Piggy hair? I guess it is the shape of the would be muzzle that has made it into a pig. Either way it will be a cute pet. Love your panties.

I just threaded the yarn onto a needle and ran it through a small spot on top of her head, made sure the ends were even and then tied a double knit to hold it to the head securely. I think I put about 12 pieces in altogether. Then I tied a knot at the bottom of each strand of hairso that it won`t unravel when my DGD is playing with her. For the hair I used Phentex Fashion Ten, bought at Michaels.

And yes I think it truly is the muzzle that did it. It looks like a snout. I think the shape and of course the colour are what gave her the personality complex. Poor dear, she just could not handle being a bear. She is much more happy being a pig. AND now my DGD will have a completely original toy. No one else will have one like hers!

I am so happy that you love my panties LMAO…

:teehee: Miss Piggy but it’s very cute…I love the panties and the hair…your DGD will love her :thumbsup:

Oh my… she does look like Miss Piggy and is absolutely adorable!!:yay:

Wow . Miss piggy she is:) . She looks great!

Yes defiantly Miss Piggy and I think she looks so adoreable…You will need to put her some long eyelashes on too!

Sorry that is supposed to say DEFINITELY!!!

I was going to take This Little Piggy to market today to get her some eyes and eye lashes but DH got called in to work. This Little Piggy will have to go to market tomorrow.

ROTFLMAO, I dunno, I think defiantly fits well as well. Remember that she was SUPPOSED to be a teddy bear. She emerged as Miss Piggy all by herself. See what I mean about defiantly? It fits!