WIP: Bird in Hand Mittens

I finished the first one :woot: …I have to put the 2nd on hold and make mom a pair for her b-day gift…I will make her pair red and white (which I tried to do out of lamb’s pride with no luck)…

This pair is made out of Nature Spun in the lighter color (light blue) and Misti International Hand dyed (purples and greens)…
Size 1 Needle
I did change the palm…I don’t like that I always have to take my mittens off to do anything…so I made them this way…
Pattern found here

those look so nice and cozy! Nice work!

Oh they look great! That’s a wonderful gift.

They look super. Nice work :slight_smile:

:inlove: Beautiful!

ooh, pretty! I like your mod too. I just bought this pattern the other day but I have never done colorwork. Do you think they would be easy for a beginner (in colorwork - not knitting)?

Cute and I love the colors.

Thanks everyone!! :happydance:

kristinw~I think it would be great for a beginner:thumbsup: …the hardest part I had was getting the gauge…using worsted weight and trying to get what is it 7/8sts per inch? I couldn’t get it with Lamb’s Pride worsted unless I knit them prolly on a size 00 after trying 0 I gave up :teehee: …I would suggest trying to carry the yarns in both hands too this will help with your tension…When I first started color work I carried both in the same hand and couldn’t keep the tension… also another thing that helps me is to make sure after the 3rd st of one color I carry/weave the other color…this has helped with my tension as well…:happydance: I can’t wait to see your pair and if you have any questions just ask…also on ravelry they have a KAL going :thumbsup: